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Happy Thanksgiving!

News Type:  President's Blog Date:  Monday, November 23, 2020 Byline:  Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)


Greetings, FUMA Family and Friends! Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Cadets departed campus for an extended break on November 20th and will return on January 10th. 

We have had zero cases of COVID-19 on campus. Just let that sink in for a moment...

This pandemic could have been a disaster for our school and community, but our cadets were tough. They followed the protocols and they did not complain. They went 120 days straight on campus with no break, not even a Day Pass to get off campus with their parents. I am so thankful for them and for everyone who supported them. I give thanks to God for His Divine protection of our Academy. It is good to give thanks. 

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” 
1 Chronicles 16:34 

Thank you for being part of our team. Happy Thanksgiving!



Best regards,
Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy



You are a FUMA Man

News Type:  President's Blog Date:  Friday, November 20, 2020 Byline:  Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)



As we prepare to depart campus this week, please always remember: You are a FUMA Man. 

You have done well these past three months. I am proud of you. 

Keep your honor clean. Stay safe. Stay healthy. 

Enjoy your well-deserved break! I look forward to the time when we will be together again. 

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”  – Numbers 6:24-26


Best regards,
Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy



To Our PG Football Cadets

News Type:  President's Blog Date:  Tuesday, November 17, 2020 Byline:  Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)


PG Football Cadets, 

Thank you for being part of the Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA).  

As you finish the term and prepare to depart after over 100 straight days of education, development and inspiration in a military-styled, college preparatory, boys only, Christian academy, you should do so with a sense of accomplishment and pride. No class since 1898 has done as much as you under such conditions as COVID-19.  Whether you were awarded a college scholarship yet or not, we’ll be praying for you and here to help if you need us.

We are proud of you. You are now FUMA for Life!

Today we took the pass and review from the Corps of Cadets where they honored you. For a 7th grader to walk by a PG and get to say “hello” or “good game” and for you to respond with kindness and mutual respect is something that they’ll always remember, because they respect you. You are role models and although you will have to start over at college as a so by bringing forward the good things you learned at FUMA (even when no one is watching). Make your bed, keep your room and clothes clean, treat everyone with dignity and respect, say good morning to the person cleaning your dorm, the person up preparing your breakfast. Say thank you to your professors, the trainers, managers, coaches and those who do things for you. Greet people with a smile—it’s the best first impression. Learn and say people’s names...a person’s name to them is the best word in the world. Control your language and listen four times more than you speak. Remember what FUMA taught you.

You earned our respect and honor. You are a FUMA Man. Keep your honor clean. 

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”  – Numbers 6:24-26


Best regards,
Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy



Happy Veterans Day

News Type:  President's Blog Date:  Wednesday, November 11, 2020 Byline:  Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)


Happy Veterans Day. Today is set aside as a special day to honor those who served.

Our academy has many alumni and former staff members who are veterans. We currently have over twenty veterans on our faculty and staff with service spanning from the Korean War era, Vietnam, the Gulf War, as well as other conflicts including Afghanistan and Iraq. 

To all Veterans—thank you for your service.  God bless you and God bless the United States of America.


Best regards,
Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy



We Pray for Each Cadet by Name

News Type:  President's Blog Date:  Monday, November 2, 2020 Byline:  Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)


Greetings from Fork Union Military Academy!

At Fork Union Military Academy, we pray for each cadet by name. We ask God’s blessing on them.

As believers, we are set aside and claimed by God. We rise above this world and although we are in this life, it is salvation through Christ that sets us apart. Therefore, press on doing good and believing. Run the race with all your body, mind, and spirit.

Be therefore encouraged, and encourage others in the faith. Fork Union Military Academy may well be part of the transformation in a young man’s life that saves their life. Tough times never last, but tough people do. Be tough, be encouraged, be lifted up, and pray for our safety and success in Jesus name.  

A verse to lift you up:

And be not fashioned according to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”
—Romans 12:2 (ASV) 


Best regards,
Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy



Why is FUMA Open and Safe?

News Type:  President's Blog Date:  Thursday, October 15, 2020 Byline:  Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)


Greetings from Fork Union Military Academy!

The leaves are changing and our campus is beautiful. It’s especially vibrant because we have 300+ Cadets, no COVID-19 cases, and we are fully engaged with classes, sports, clubs and Corps of Cadets activities with appropriate protocols and safety procedures.

Why is FUMA open and safe? Because we are a military school and our core values of respect, integrity, faith, character, and discipline enable success and help us turn challenges into opportunities.

I pray for each Cadet, faculty and staff members by name. These are tough times. We have tough days everyday at FUMA. Up in the morning with the rising sun... we get it done all day the FUMA way until the day is done. Inspections, physical training, intense academics with the One Subject Plan and every cadet plays a sport and is on a team. Merit-based promotions to leadership position matter. Those who have problems are held to a standard, corrected, counseled, helped and encouraged. We have an honor code and develop young men of honor, courage and commitment.

Tough times, tough days, tough Cadets.. Tough times never last, but tough people do.

God bless FUMA . God bless you all. Go FUMA!


Best regards,
Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy



We are FUMA

News Type:  President's Blog Date:  Friday, September 4, 2020 Byline:  Col. David L. Coggins



We are in our second month of school and fully-operational within safety protocols and no COVID-19 cases.

  • Our classes are going well, sports are in full swing and our clubs providing some exciting extracurricular activities.  
  • The Corps of Cadets looks good.
  • When they need help—we help them through counseling, motivation, and sometimes...extra duties.
  • We have stimulating and competitive activities for them to do on weekends, as well as, quiet time infused in their busy schedule for down time.
  • Our daily chapel services are inspiring.

I interact daily with the Cadets and what I see is respect, integrity, faith, character, and discipline. We develop them in body, mind and spirit.

We are FUMA.

We are working toward raising the bar of excellence in all we do.

  • We have a great advising, counseling and mentoring program.
  • We currently have a former FUMA Cadet at each service academy and serving in each branch of the military including the Space Force.
  • Our food service continues to be excellent.
  • We are swimming, playing soccer, having basketball, cross country, judo, rifle, lifting weights, total body fitness, nutrition and wellness activities.
  • We will resume our etiquette classes, interviewing techniques and add “how to dress for success” soon.

We want our Cadets well-prepared for the next level in a holistic manner with academics, athletics, and life skills including muscles and manners.

We are FUMA.

We’ll have our first football game this weekend and stream it live via our YouTube channel. Check it out. The PG team will be coming out of Estes Field House and through the Corps of Cadets “tunnel!’ Due to COVID-19 safety protocols we can’t have fans from off-campus, but we are playing and look forward to a good game.

We appreciate our Cadets, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, Board and friends. Our Academy only gets a portion of what we need through tuition and fees—the rest comes from our supporters. We need you to continue to help us provide what the Academy and our Cadets need.

Best wishes. God bless you all.

We are FUMA.



Best regards,
Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy



We are Open for Students!

News Type:  President's Blog Date:  Thursday, August 20, 2020 Byline:  Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)


Fork Union Military Academy has opened for the 2020-2021 school year with outstanding on-campus education, our rigorous Cadet Leadership Training program, competitive fall sports teams, and an impressive Corps of Cadets composed of new and returning students. 

Some of these young men have not been on a school campus since March of this year. We will work with them through some homesickness and adjustment challenges and we will maintain strict COVID-19 prevention and mitigation protocols.  Most of our returners and many of the new cadets are already loving it here with great, nutritionally-balanced food, and superb teachers who approach learners not as bystanders, but as active participants, creators, and designers. We have had several new coaches join our staff, including some former professional athletes. Every cadet plays a sport and is on a team or club in some role.  

Everyone is busy—there are no easy days at FUMA.  

We are a military-styled school, an all-boys school, and a college preparatory school. We have a very diverse student body with young men who come from many different places, a variety of religious backgrounds, with varying cultures, traditions, and personal habits. All of these qualities provide our school with challenges as well as unique opportunities. New friendships are developing, students are building relationships with teachers, athletes are preparing with the guidance and motivation of skilled coaches. 

There will be bumps along the way, obstacles to cross over, and conflicts to resolve. 

Through it all, we will educate, develop, and inspire these young men in our college preparatory, Christian, military environment...just as we promise in our Academy's Mission Statement. 

We will help these young men build character, by guiding them in overcoming adversity. We will help them learn leadership, independence, and confidence, by setting high expectations for each one of them. And we will instill a spirit of responsibility and discipline within them by holding them accountable. 

We will help them grow in body, mind, and spirit.  

The path has been laid out before us, the journey has begun, and we are prepared—with God's help—to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities.  

I am proud of our cadets' families for deciding to send your sons to the Academy and I am so proud them as our cadets. This is no ordinary place...ordinary doesn’t prepare you for the challenges in life.  I personally prayed for each cadet by name with our Chaplain and my Chief of Staff on the first day of classes as well as for our faculty, staff, and our entire FUMA family. 

God bless you...and Go FUMA! 


Best regards,
Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy


Reopening Fork Union Military Academy

News Type:  President's Blog Date:  Wednesday, July 15, 2020 Byline:  Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)


As school systems throughout our region and nation are announcing their plans for the fall, I want to reach out to our Fork Union Military Academy community, as well as those of you who are considering enrollment at Fork Union, to tell you more about our own plans.

We do plan to open for on-campus classes in August.

We do plan to have a robust athletics program in the fall.

While there will be much that may be different about this fall amidst the concerns of COVID-19, we are working to keep our mission, values, and methodologies as consistent as possible with what we have found to work effectively for our students throughout our 122-year history.

Our Guiding Principles for Reopening

1. The safety and well-being of our cadets, staff, and Fork Union Military Academy community is our highest priority.

While we recognize that no one can guarantee 100% safety from the risk of COVID-19, we will take all reasonable precautions to keep everyone on our campus as safe and healthy as possible. We will continue to follow the best advice of health professionals, which may include steps such as:

  • conducting daily health screens with symptom and temperature checks
  • following social distancing guidelines on campus
  • appropriate wearing of cloth face coverings or masks by staff and cadets
  • providing additional facilities for hand washing as well as hand sanitizer stations
  • increased cleaning and disinfecting of shared spaces and living quarters
  • modifying dining hall and food service protocols
  • limiting the size of any gatherings on campus to appropriate levels
  • strictly limiting outside visitors to campus

As in past years, the Yeatman Infirmary on campus will be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by registered nurses. Our Academy Physician will hold morning sick call hours on campus for our cadets. We have the capability of performing appropriate testing on campus as needed, and we have bed space in our infirmary for the isolation of cadets who may need to be quarantined. 

2. The campus of Fork Union Military Academy, comprising over 1,000 acres located within a rural setting, offers an ideal sanctuary that is separated and insulated from the high-density population areas in which Virginia's COVID-19 cases have been primarily centered.

We believe that once our cadets are on campus, they will be safer from exposure to Coronavirus if we place appropriate restrictions on non-essential travel. For this reason, we have adjusted our Academic Calendar to limit the movement of cadets off-campus until our first major leave for Thanksgiving/Christmas. Our campus has excellent outdoor facilities where cadets can get fresh air, enjoy athletics and recreation time, and remain removed from greater risk of exposure in the community beyond our campus.

3. Our One Subject Plan curriculum helps ensure that student and staff groupings are as small and static as possible and helps limit widespread mixing between larger groups within enclosed spaces.

One of the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is that schools practice cohorting--keeping small groups of students and staff together for as much of the class day as possible, and limiting the mixing between groups. This almost perfectly describes our One Subject Plan curriculum. At Fork Union Military Academy, students in class (typically fewer than fifteen) spend all day, every day, with one teacher for the entire 7-week grading term. We avoid the frequent changing of classes and rooms throughout the day, and other such exposure risks.

4. Our on-campus cadet environment provides structure, social support, and a system of accountability that is central to the success of our students.

We believe that the structured environment we provide on our campus is one of the biggest reasons our young men achieve success in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in their development of life skills and foundational values. While we are prepared to provide distance education if circumstances require it during the school year, we remain committed to providing a full boarding experience, with classroom instruction, athletic competition, and residential life activities to the fullest extent possible.

For more information...

We will continue to update our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page regarding reopening of school and COVID-19 procedures located at this URL:


School Choices...Life Decisions

As I think about all the young people across our nation who might be pushed back into online learning for another school year with no sports and limited social contact with others their age, it breaks my heart.

  • I think of the seniors, just like those of our Class of 2020 whose all-important final year of high school seemingly limped to a close without the normal celebrations of achievement.
  • I worry about the college-bound athletes who may miss out on a year of preparation.
  • I'm concerned for the student struggling with a challenging subject who needs the support of an experienced teacher, skilled in delivering learning in just the way the student needs to receive it.

The effects of this pandemic have already been devastating to students, and may still bring potentially life-changing consequences.

Tuition, fees, room and board, uniforms...these costs are measurable...but the return on investment of a school experience such as Fork Union Military Academy may be immeasurable.

We often point with pride to our alumni who gained service academy appointments, or who won the Heisman Trophy at college, or who have become successful business entreprenuers or community leaders. I believe that the school choices facing students and their families today will have tremendous impact on the lives those young men will lead.

Thank you

Thank you for your consideration of Fork Union Military Academy. I hope that you will join us in the fall.

I am very excited for the start of this school year!


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)


Best regards,
Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy



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