College & Career Prep

Postgraduate Program

Young men who have already graduated from high school, but who would like more preparation for college, or who may need to improve their standardized test scores have found our postgraduate program extremely helpful. During their year in the Corps of Cadets, postgraduates get far more than just improving their academic and testing skills.

The military organization and structured daily life help our post-graduate students learn and improve the qualities of leadership, discipline, and self-reliance that may not be available in other schools.

Athletic Training and Discipline

Although postgraduate students are integrated into the Upper School Corps of Cadets, postgraduate athletes, however, have their football and basketball teams compete separately from our high school teams.

Fork Union Military Academy offers first-class facilities and coaching in all varsity sports. Our coaching staff is well known among all colleges and universities in the United States. Scouts from major universities visit the school and attend our games frequently. They have learned that Fork Union's coaches have "the eye" for talent and a gift for developing it in young athletes.

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