Commandant's Department

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The student body is organized into the Corps of Cadets, which is divided into individual companies. Each company resides together in the barracks and is led by cadet officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs). Each company has an assigned adult TAC officer who works with its members and officers, mentoring and instructing them on a daily basis.

The military responsibilities of the Commandant's Department consist of drill and ceremony, chain of command, barracks details, the proper wear of the uniform, as well as enforcing Academy rules and regulations. In addition, the Commandant’s Department supervises the demerit and merit system and extra duty (ED) program which are both used as disciplinary tools for rule infractions.

Important Information

Barracks Telephone Schedule

Each barracks room in Jacobson Hall is equipped with a telephone that cadets may use to keep in touch with family and friends. During the school year, the phones are turned on during specific parts of the daily schedule, as stated below:

Cadets may receive and place calls during the following hours:

  • Sunday 1030 – 1900
  • Monday 1700 – 1900
  • Tuesday 1700 – 1900
  • Wednesday 1700 – 1900
  • Thursday 1700 – 1900
  • Friday 1430 – 2230
  • Saturday 1100 – 2230

In the event of an emergency, if you need to contact your son outside of these hours please call (434) 842-4232.

Glenn Sidwell

TAC Officer
(434) 842-4235

Demarcus Roberson

Delta TAC Officer | Assistant PG Football Coach
(434) 842-4240

Meghan Garrett

School Counselor
(434) 842-4223

Rhonda White

Test Director | Coordinator of Counseling Services
(434) 842-4203

Rebecca Gorman

(434) 842-4493

Shane Sidwell

Night TAC Officer
(434) 842-4232

John Warren

Retan Rifles TAC Officer
(434) 842-3212

Philip Hernandez

TAC Officer | Alpha Company
(434) 842-4381

Michael Ocker

TAC Officer
(434) 842-4229

Michael Sidwell

TAC Officer
(434) 842-4237

Ben Jamison

(434) 842-4409

LTC Tony Moss, USA (Ret.)

Commandant of Cadets Director of Leadership and Character Development
(434) 842-4239

Charlie Coulter

Deputy Commandant | Director of Summer School
(434) 842-4234