Academic Services

In addition to the support students receive from our faculty, we provide an experienced team of academic support personnel to help our students maximize their potential.
All students benefit from the services of the Department of College Placement and Academic Services. Our counselors provide guidance and support by assisting students in course selection and monitoring their current progress.

The Academy offers an additional layer of academic assistance through its resource seminar. Students enrolled in this seminar are taught learning strategies that benefit them in their core courses.
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Resource Seminar

Fork Union Military Academy offers a resource seminar designed to assist cadets who need additional academic support. Those enrolled in the seminar will meet at designated time periods during the class week to receive academic support such as remedial instruction of course content, learning strategies—including (but not limited to) note-taking, studying, and test-taking strategies—amongst other skills needed to be successful (i.e., time management, self-accountability, and prioritizing).

For cadets to receive individualized instruction, content teachers are communicated with weekly to further identify any weaknesses or needs. Students do earn a grade based on work ethic, positive attitude, and attendance. Students must participate and be receptive to working towards academic proficiency.

The resource seminar does not conflict with the academic term course. This resource seminar course is in addition to any seminar or term course offerings.

For more information about the resource seminar or for help enrolling, please contact our Director of College Placement and Academic Services, Mrs. Kelsey Hill, via email at .

Driver Education Program

Department of College Placement and Academic Services oversees Fork Union Military Academy's Online Driver Education Program. The classroom portion of the program is conducted through online education, and the "behind the wheel" portion of the program is available through the Fork Union Driving Academy, an outside service provider located here in Fork Union. 

Both the online classroom program and the behind-the-wheel program are contracted for separately by families and each carries an additional fee that must be paid to the service provider. Our College Placement Department is only involved in facilitating this program and seeing that eligible cadets are given the opportunity to participate. Cadets do earn 1/2 credit of elective credit upon completion of the Drivers Education Program.

Please call (434) 842-4203 if you have any additional questions involving Fork Union Military Academy's Driver Education Program.

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Our Library

The Guy E. Beatty Library provides comprehensive information and media services to enhance the instructional programs and the overall mission of the school. The library is a primary resource for information, literacy, and curriculum support. Through the efforts of our certified librarian, the library media program contributes to the achievement of the desired results for student learning by providing instruction, resources, and activities that enable students and staff to become effective users of ideas and information.

The Beatty Library houses a collection of approximately 22,000 volumes of fiction and non-fiction and at least 50 periodicals.

The interior space provides areas for classrooms, small group and individual learning, and study. There is WiFi access throughout the library.

There are three multimedia classrooms, one of which is equipped with desktop computers.

Six computer stations serve as card catalog access to the print and electronic resources. 

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