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About Fork Union Military Academy

Fork Union Military Academy has been called “the West Point of high schools,” and is one of the leading college preparatory boarding schools in the US that uses the structure and discipline of the military system to provide accountability, reward good performance, and serve as a leadership laboratory in which young men can develop their team building and leadership skills.

  • Boarding and day school
  • Boys only
  • Grades 7 to 12
  • One-year Postgraduate Program for students seeking better preparation for college in general academics, or in the sports of football, basketball, or lacrosse
  • 300-350 students from across the United States and a number of countries around the world
  • located on 1,000+ acres in beautiful central Virginia in the village of Fork Union

Admisions Open House

You are invited to attend our Admissions Open House on campus in Fork Union, Virginia, on Monday, May 27th, starting at 9 AM and running to 12 PM.

You will be able to go on a cadet-led tour of our campus, participate in an information session to learn more about the Academy, speak directly with members of our admissions team to get answers to all of your questions, and enjoy lunch in our dining facility.

Registration is required. Follow this link to get more details and access the registration link.

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Who We Are

We provide young men with a challenging educational experience in a safe, structured environment where distractions are limited and where every aspect of student life encourages academic achievement and personal growth.

What sets us apart

We are a traditional school. Our curriculum is focused on college prep academics without cultural distractions, and our parents are respected and valued.
Our core values of respect, integrity, faith, discipline, and character, help us create an environment in which achievement is respected and peer pressure is a positive force.
While we accept and respect students of all religious backgrounds, the Academy is a Christian school and faith in God plays a central role in the life of the school.
We have one of the most diverse student bodies of any school in the nation, welcoming students from across the country and around the globe, representing all races and religions.
Our unique One Subject Plan academic schedule ensures the highest level of individual attention and helps each student achieve their highest potential in the classroom.
Our limitations on cell phones and screen time promote better academic focus and development of interpersonal communications skills.
Known worldwide for our outstanding athletics program, Fork Union has produced Olympians in track and swimming, hundreds of NCAA Division I athletes across all sports, two Heisman Trophy winners, and dozens of professional athletes in a range of sports like basketball, tennis, baseball, and football, including more than 120 NFL players.
Fork Union Military Academy
our mission
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Our mission is to educate, develop, and inspire young men in a college preparatory, military-style environment.
Cadets build character and learn leadership, independence, confidence, responsibility, and discipline in a setting that encourages mental, physical, and spiritual growth.

Developing Leaders

Kevin Plank photo from 1992 Skirmisher yearbook for Fork Union Military Academy

"I honestly can say that much of my success is attributed to my time spent at the Academy. The relationships I formed while I was there will be ones that I continue to carry in both my personal life and professional career."

Kevin Plank
Founder/CEO, Under Armour
FUMA Class of 1992
Jeffrey Jones photo from 1986 Skirmisher yearbook of Fork Union Military Academy

"At Fork Union I gained the discipline I needed. I took care of myself. I practiced my faith. I learned how to be a roommate and a friend. Most important, I learned that I could do anything I set my mind to. Fork Union changed my life."

Jeffrey J. Jones, II
President/CEO, H & R Block
FUMA Class of 1986
Eddie George photo from 1992 Skirmisher yearbook of Fork Union Military Academy

“This was the cornerstone for where I am today. There’s no doubt about it. This was a life-changing moment that evolves as I get older. That’s how much Fork Union means to me.”

Eddie George
Heisman Trophy Winner
NFL Pro-Bowl Running Back
FUMA Class of 1991

My FUMA Experience

About | Leadership

Turning Boys into Responsible Young Men

The goal of the military system at Fork Union Military Academy is not to turn young men into soldiers. In fact, we have no affiliation with any branch of the armed forces. Rather, our goal is to use the best aspects of a military academy system to provide a structure and framework for accountability, managing goals, and teamwork, and to help instill our core values of respect, integrity, faith, discipline, and character.

We have superimposed these values on our learning and living environment. Our environment of structure and discipline helps to limit distractions and encourages students to focus on their achievements in academics, athletics, and personal growth.

Teen on pulpit

Traditional Core Values

Fork Union Military Academy was founded in 1898 by a a prominent Baptist minister, Dr. William E. Hatcher. Our foundational values and principles continue to shape and reinforce Fork Union Military Academy's mission.

Our student body, however, reflects the wide diversity of religious beliefs found in our world. While the Academy is proud of our affiliation with the Baptist General Association of Virginia, we enroll students who are Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and more—including those without religious affiliations.

Our goal is to provide young men a faith framework within which they may apply themselves toward achieving their academic potential while growing as men of character and integrity.

Fork Union Military Academy is built on faith-based values, regardless of a student's religious background or beliefs.
Teen playing football
About | Our Legacy

A Championship School Legacy

Fork Union Military Academy has achieved a national reputation in athletics, usually sending thirty to sixty athletes from our high school and postgraduate teams to NCAA college programs on athletic scholarships each year.

There is a longstanding tradition of excellence in the athletic programs of Fork Union Military Academy:

5 Olympians
2 Heisman trophy winners
14 NFL First-Round Draft Picks, 70 NFL Draft Picks Overall
More than 130 NFL football players
At least 6 NBA basketball players
Dozens of professional baseball players
Multiple track & field national champions
Over a dozen swimming & diving champions


Fork Union Military Academy is fully accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS).

Founded in 1973, VAIS is the leader in advancing and advocating for independent school education in Virginia. The VAIS accreditation program is one of a select few recognized at the international level through the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA). VAIS also is recognized and approved by the Virginia Board of Education through the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE).
About | Accreditation
Educating, Developing, and Inspiring Young Men
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