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The Admissions Process

Families interested in admission to Fork Union Military Academy typically follow a kind of process.

  • The steps in the process described below are typical of how a family might proceed, but feel free to jump around and take the steps in the order that feels right for you.
  • Follow the hyperlinks in each step to dig deeper and learn more specific information that interests you.

Step 1 - Basic Investigation

In this first and most basic step, families determine whether Fork Union Military Academy should be "on the list" of schools to consider:

Step 2 - Dig Deeper Online

Once you determine that Fork Union Military Academy might meet your initial qualifications, it is time to learn about the factors that set Fork Union Military Academy apart from other schools on your "list."

Step 3 - Start the Conversation

Now it's time to start the conversation with our Admissions Office and truly begin the admissions process in earnest.

Step 4 - Apply for Admission

Continue the conversation by telling us more about your student and family.

Complete Application for Admission Online

Step 5 - Learn About Financial Aid Opportunities

Once you have submitted your admissions application, it is time to begin seriously investigating the various types of assistance available to help make Fork Union Military Academy affordable for your family.

Finally, you can fill out and submit your Financial Aid Application online.

Complete Financial Aid Application Online

Step 6 - Complete the Process

Make sure that you have completed all the paperwork and requirements so that our Admissions Office can make an informed decision to accept your student for admission to Fork Union Military Academy.

  • Have you followed up to make sure all required paperwork has been submitted?
  • Have you visited the campus and interviewed with our Admissions Office?
  • Have you complied with any special requests for additional information?