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Educators have long recognized that the structure of a military-style environment can provide young men an essential grounding for success in the classroom, and in life. In such an environment, young men develop self-discipline, responsibility, and pride in their work, in their appearance, and in themselves.

Many of the features that lead to our success cannot be emulated in the public school setting or even in most private day school settings.

As a private school, we structure our curriculum, such as our unique One Subject Plan for the Upper School, to meet the needs of our cadets. We preserve our single-sex environment to remove social distractions that come with a coeducational school. We acknowledge and honor the Christian values that provide the moral compass for our daily lives.

Fork Union Military Academy offers a comprehensive college preparatory program for boys in grades 7 through 12, as well as recent high school graduates seeking a one-year postgraduate program to better prepare for the college of their choice.

Supervised Study

One of our keys to producing academic success is scheduled supervised study time each Sunday through Thursday evening. For approximately two hours each school night, we require all cadets to be at their desks in their rooms, focused on their studies. We call this study time CQ, which is shorthand for the command "Call to Quarters."

CQ instills good study habits that are essential to succeeding in the classroom, both here and at college. Cadets learn what they can accomplish in their lives when they focus.

Talking, eating, playing music, watching television, and visiting other cadets' rooms are not allowed during CQ. Faculty members share supervisory duties to make sure that all cadets observe these CQ restrictions and spend their time actively studying.

Grading Scale

The 4.0 point grading system is used for all standard academic courses. Honors, Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement courses use a 5.0 scale.

An "A" is awarded for work scored between 95 and 100; a "B" for scores between 88 and 94; a "C" for scores between 81 and 87; a "D" for work in the 75 to 80 range; and a "F" for work scored below 75.

Dual Enrollment courses along with select Honors courses operate with a 10-point grading scale.

Dean's List & Honor Roll

The highest academic standing a student can achieve is to be named to the Dean's List for having achieved an "A" grade level in all major subjects. To make the Honor Roll, the next highest academic recognition, a student must have a "B" grade level in all subjects.