In military terminology, the Quartermaster is the officer who is in charge of uniforms, supplies, and provisioning of units. Our Quartermaster is located on campus in the Hoffman Supply Center.

Hoffman Supply Center

The Fork Union Military Academy Quartermaster Department works to outfit and supply cadets and faculty with uniforms, military supplies, and various other necessary items. They have a working knowledge of the inventory in the Hoffman Supply Center and are able to put cadets in full uniform in one week or less.

Each cadet is issued more than 50 different uniform items and supplies for their barracks room, and the Quartermaster Department maintains a large inventory to accommodate changing sizes and outfit new cadets as they arrive throughout the year.

The Quartermaster also provides all of the additional uniform articles such as insignia for cadet rank, ribbons, pins, patches, and shoulder cords. You can learn more about cadet rank insignia in this blog post.

Tailoring, Dry Cleaning Services, and Other Services of the Quartermaster

There is a part-time seamstress on campus to alter clothing as needed, and the Quartermaster Department works with the Commandant's Department and Athletics Department to provides dry-cleaning services for various clothing items.

The Quartermaster Department also handles a variety of other responsibilities including managing UPS/FedEx shipping and receiving operations, ordering school-wide office supplies, scheduling usage of the transportation fleet, and managing Student ID cards.

Uniforms Account

Parents will set up a uniforms account and this account will be charged as necessary to maintain proper uniform attire for each cadet. Parental authorization is not necessary for cadets to charge uniform items to this account. Cadets are responsible for maintaining their uniforms in good condition. If items are lost or damaged through neglect or carelessness, then they must be replaced by the cadet in a timely manner.

Packing Lists for New and Returning Cadets

The Quartermaster maintains a list of all required uniform items, as well as items and supplies that may be brought from home.

You may find a copy of the current uniform and supplies list in the Resources section of the Parents page of this website.