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Tuition and Fees

Average Net Domestic Boarding Tuition*

Yearly Tuition


*Average net domestic boarding full academic year tuition/room & board (taking into account financial aid and scholarships)

You're kidding, right?

No, we are not's true.

And approximately 74% of our domestic boarding students receive some amount of financial aid.


How Do We Get to that Number!?!

FUMA’s Base Tuition is one of the lowest in the country:  To start with, FUMA’s “sticker” price is already one of the lowest in the country for boarding schools generally,  military schools, or other Christian, college prep schools.  We are blessed to be in a low cost of living area, operate with no debt and an endowment.

Financial Aid:  The Academy uses the FACTS Grant and Aid Application system to evaluate a family’s financial need and provide generous need-based support.  Sadly, even with this generous support, it is not always enough.  Sometimes scholarships can fill in gaps, but there are still many young men who cannot afford to come to the Academy (that is why raising scholarship endowment is a main component of the Called to Lead campaign—the Academy’s fundraising campaign).

Scholarships:  Through the generous support of alumni and friends, there are scholarships available to deserving young men.  Sometimes these scholarships are based on need, sometimes on merit or skill in a particular area, or some other characteristic (such as where a young man is from).  Sometimes they are required to be awarded to returning cadets, and sometimes they are available to new families.  There is even one, merit-based, full tuition scholarship—the Trustee Scholarship program.

Net Result:  The net effect of financial aid and scholarships is how we get to the number above for domestic boarding students (so, excluding day students, international students, and post-graduates who may pay different tuition rates).


How do families maximize what is available to them?

Act fast:  Complete your application and financial aid information as soon as possible.  There is a specific amount in the financial aid budget that is used up over the course of the admission cycle.

Provide Complete Info:  Make sure you provide complete information so that your application can be processed promptly

Watch for Deadlines: Pay attention to deadlines given to you by the Admissions office.


Are there some families who receive no aid?

Of course, not all families will qualify for financial aid or be awarded scholarships.  

However, 74% of our domestic boarding cadets receive some level of aid and support through scholarships and the average financial aid award for domestic boarding students is $15,057. 


What about Day Students or cadets who enter mid-year?

Day Students:  Day students are eligible to apply for financial aid.  So, you would complete that same process.

Mid-year entries:  The Academy tries to reserve some financial aid for young men who come in mid-year, but there is no guaranteed budget for mid-year entries because we cannot predict that process, and the Academy does not want available aid to go unused.


Is there a way to find out what our family might qualify for?

Yes, we understand that a family might want to understand the likely aid (or range) before going through the application process.  Contact COL Tripp Billingsley ( at 434.842.4205 or LTC Steve McCoy ( at 434.842.4406 to learn more.


Is there a chance our family will pay nothing?

Generally, no, while our aid is very generous, in virtually every case, the family will have to participate in financially supporting their cadet’s education at FUMA.  Some of the family’s obligations may be covered by other available sources, such as family members, friends, or scholarships (such as from a church or employer).   And, remember, with him at boarding school, you will avoid or reduce everyday expenses like food, entertainment, or travel teams for him.

The Academy does offer a full, merit-based scholarship, called the Trustee Scholarship, which is a full scholarship for tuition, room and board, and the initial uniform allotment.


What if my son enters after the beginning of the school year?

Because of the Academy’s One Subject Plan, there are multiple points during the academic year in which a young man can enter.  Contact the Admissions Dept for an explanation of the tuition based on the entry date.  The Admissions Staff can also let you know if there is any aid or scholarships remaining. 


What does tuition include?

The tuition, room and board cost includes the following:  academic instruction, residence facilities (air conditioned dorm completed in 2012 ), meals, 24x7 infirmary, college prep counseling, internet/email, library, athletic recreation and facilities, clubs and extracirriculars, special events, and publications.  


What is not included in tuition?

Uniforms are billed separately.  Also, the following are not included:  academic materials and supplies other than issued textbooks; travel expenses; purchases at the Sabre Shop or Social Center (snacks, supplies for personal hygiene and room cleaning); and Primary Medical/Health Insurance. Student insurance may be purchased from Fork Union Military Academy's insurance carrier. Please contact the Infirmary Staff ( at 434.842.4310 for details.


So, what about the uniform costs?

The stated cost is for the initial uniform allotment.  The cost includes the various clothing (including athletic wear) and the associated cleaning and laundry service.


Tuition for 2020-2021 Academic Year

The Academy reserves the right to increase the charges for room and board upon proper notice to parents.

For mid-year enrollment tuition & fees, please contact our Admissions Office.

2020-2021 Costs—Boarding Student

Tuition, room & board $33,940
Uniforms (estimated) 2,850
Infrastructure Service Charge 500
Technology 350
Incidentals (estimated) 500
TOTAL $38,140



2020-2021 Costs—Local Day Student

Tuition $14,950
Uniforms (estimated) 2,160
Infrastructure Service Charge 500
Technology 350
Incidentals (estimated) 500
TOTAL $18,460



2020-2021 Costs—International Student

Tuition, room & board $42,190
Uniforms (estimated) 2,850
Infrastructure Service Charge 500
Technology 350
Incidentals (estimated) 500
Health Insurance 2,260
ESL - if required 1,500
TOTAL $50,150


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