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Tuition and Fees


We are committed to keeping Fork Union Military Academy attainable, affordable, and accessible for as many mission-appropriate students as we can.

We will always work with each family on a personal basis to keep our quality college prep boarding school education available for families across a broad spectrum of socio-economic and demographic backgrounds.

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Tuition for Academic Year 2022-2023

Student Type Total Tuition & Fees* New Cadet Uniform Cost
Day Student $19,150 $2,100
Domestic Boarding Student $37,900 $3,100
International Boarding Student $46,150 $3,100
Postgraduate Football Boarding Student $23,120 $2,150
Postgraduate Basketball Boarding Student $30,510 $2,450

*Total Tuition & Fees includes tuition, meals, fees, and boarding costs. Uniform costs are in addition to total tuition and fees.


Scholarships and Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available for mission-appropriate students who will be an asset to our Corps of Cadets and whose family may need help affording a private school education. 

More than half of our enrolled students receive some amount of need-based financial aid each year.

Learn more about scholarships and financial aid.


Payment Plans

Fork Union Military Academy offers families three payment plan options:

  • One payment
  • Two payments
    (requires additional one-time $550 administrative fee)
  • Monthly, semi-monthly, or bi-weekly payment plans over ten months 
    (requires additional one-time $550 administrative fee)

Payment plans begin July 1 and must be completed by the end of April. 

Payment plans are managed through FACTS Tuition Management. 

On College T-Shirt Day our seniors wear a t-shirt from the college they plan to attend
On College T-Shirt Day, our seniors wear a t-shirt from the college they plan to attend. Our seniors attain a 100% college acceptance rate each year.

What does tuition include?

Your tuition total includes:

  • academic instruction
  • coaching and mentoring
  • lab fees
  • required textbooks
  • internet access and email
  • access to computer labs
  • 24-hour access to the Infirmary staffed by our registered nurses
  • haircuts
  • athletic and recreational facilities
  • clubs and extracurricular activities
  • access to the Academy's library
  • meals in the Estes Dining Hall
  • dual-occupancy room and facilities for boarding students

What is not included in tuition?

You may incur some incidental costs for such things as:

  • student's school supplies
  • dual-credit college courses
  • ESL classes
  • resource program for academic support
  • standardized tests
  • special transportation needs
  • special activities and trips
  • single-occupancy room
  • medical insurance for international students


Tuition Protection Plan (TPP)

Fork Union Military Academy offers a Tuition Protection Plan. This is a service provided for a fee, it is not an insurance product, and your participation in this plan is not mandatory. The Tuition Protection Plan offers the only means by which any tuition adjustment or refund can be made for students who leave school before the end of the academic year.

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