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Recommendations for schools and universities issued by the CDC

Fork Union Military Academy has been following news of the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa with great interest and concern. In mid-September, cadets in our Interact Club began an initiative to raise funds from fellow cadets and staff to donate to UNICEF's efforts to help fight this virus in Africa. Our entire Corps of Cadets took on this fundraiser as a company competition and our senior class showed great leadership by raising over $1,000 within their own company to help the Corps surpass their goal of $1,500 within three weeks.

We have also been carefully monitoring news and events to ensure that our staff and students remain aware of steps being taken to prevent the spread of this outbreak to areas beyond West Africa. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided guidance to colleges and universities regarding Ebola in West Africa.  We are following these same guidelines here at Fork Union Military Academy.

  • The CDC has posted Warning Level 3 Travel Notices recommending that people avoid non-essential travel to Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone at this time. They advise that education-related travel to these countries be postponed until further notice.
  • In addition, the CDC has posted an Alert Level 2 Travel Notice for the Democratic Republic of the Congo with recommendations for enhanced precautions to help travelers protect themselves and help prevent the spread of Ebola. This recommendation could change as the situation evolves.
  • The CDC has now lowered their travel notice level to Watch Level 1 for Nigeria, recommending that travelers practice usual precautions.
  • The CDC is not recommending colleges and universities isolate or quarantine students, faculty, or staff based on travel history alone. However, colleges and universities should identify students, faculty, and staff who have been in countries where Ebola outbreaks are occurring within the past 21 days and conduct a risk assessment with each identified person to determine his or her level of risk exposure (high- or low-risk exposures, or no known exposure).
  • Anyone returning from an affected country needs to be aware of the symptoms of the Ebola Virus and seek medical attention immediately if any symptoms develop. Symptoms may appear anywhere from two to 21 days after exposure to the virus.

Up to date information regarding the Ebola virus can be found at this CDC link.

At Fork Union Military Academy, we take precautions to protect our Corps of Cadets from the spread of all types of viruses, from the Enterovirus D68 we recently warned parents about to the common flu strains we all battle each winter. We continue to ask that if any cadet on leave exhibits symptoms of any illness (including fever, diarrhea, or vomiting), that the cadet not return to campus until he has been symptom free for over 24 hours.

For any concerns you might have about any such illness, please call your local health department  or family physician. The nurses in our Infirmary also welcome your questions and calls at 434-842-4310, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm or by email at

Information for Parents

Parents Association 2014-2015

Please visit our Parents Assocation page to learn more and help support speical activities and scholarships at Fork Union Military Academy.

Laura Luniewski, Associate Director of Development Operations, is the FUMA contact for the Parents Association, and she can be reached at (434) 842-4370 or

BGAV Scholarship Grants Available

There are funds available for students from cooperating churches of the Baptist General Association of Virginia who need aid in financing their education at Fork Union Military Academy for the upcoming academic year.  The awards are open for application now and range up to $1,000 per student per year.  These funds are grants from Virginia Baptists and do not have to be repaid.  The BGAV uses the following criteria to evaluate each applicant: financial need, Christian service, community service, character, and demonstrated leadership. 

Applications on behalf of Fork Union Military Academy cadets have been well-received in the past, and we hope that a number of our cadet families will apply for 2013-2014.  The online application process for Academy Scholarships is available at

If you need assistance or information, please contact Alicia Parker at the BGAV at 1-800-255-2428, ext. 6225.  Scholarship opportunities are also available for Virginia Baptist cadets who are graduating from Fork Union Military Academy and will be attending college next year.  Please check deadlines and criteria for all Virginia Baptist scholarships online at

All completed applications must be received or postmarked by the deadline in order to be considered for an award.  The deadline for BGAV Achievement Scholarships for BGAV Academies (for students attending Fork Union) is October 1, 2013.  The deadline for BGAV Achievement Scholarships or BGAV Ministerial Educations (for college-bound students) is April 1, 2014.