News for Parents

Laptop Policy Information

FUMA will once again be incorporating laptop computers into our classrooms for all Upper School Students. The following information is to help you understand what we will be implementing and to solicit any questions or comments that you may have.

All cadets are required to bring a laptop which meets the specifications outlined below. 

While we have been a school with a one-to-one ratio of computers to students for some years, we believe the advances in information technology that continue to occur will allow us to better educate and prepare our cadets for college if we have this technology available to all students all of the time.

Our goal is to support the process of student learning and to develop a core set of skills that will help them be better students and prepare them for college and the "real world" of careers. We intend to continue to emphasize the use of technology as a tool for gathering and organizing information for useful purposes rather than as entertainment.

Any questions related to laptops for next year can be directed to MAJ Scott Krogh ( – 434-842-4375

The specifications for the required laptops are as follows:

  • Must have Windows 7 or better (Windows 8)
  • Must have at least 4 GB of RAM (required to run Windows 7 or better)
  • Must have 50 GB or more of FREE Hard-Drive Space (the overall size isn't as important as the free space)
  • Must have an Ethernet (Wired) Connection (for Jacobson Hall) and Wireless Connection (for Classroom/Rest of Campus)
  • Operating System must be in English
  • Macs are permitted, but must have a Windows partition on them for the classroom environment.
  • School will provide access to the Microsoft Office Suite for the students.
  • Must be a full-functioning Laptop (not a tablet, phone, e-reader, etc.)

Important Info Regarding PG Football Game Against Apprentice School

The PG Football game scheduled for Friday, August 22, against the Apprentice School may be postponed until Saturday, the 23, due to inclement weather.

Please call Coach Shuman Thursday night for updates on this matter.

Check-In Dates and Reminders for Cadets Entering for Fall

The new school year is fast approaching and more than one hundred football players are already on campus at Fork Union Military Academy in preseason training camps. The rest of our students will return to our upper school and middle school in the days ahead.

Check-In Dates

All check-ins begin at 0800 in the morning.

  • August 18 - Upper School officer candidates report for leadership training
  • August 18 - Prep soccer players report
  • August 25 - Postgraduate basketball players report
  • August 25 - New middle school cadets report
  • August 25 - New international cadets report (middle school & upper school)
  • August 26 - New upper school cadets report (including all rising 9th graders from FUMA's middle school)
  • August 28 - Returning upper school and middle school cadets report
  • August 29 - Classes begin

Health Forms

All new and returning students are required to have an up-to-date physical and health form on file prior to enrolling each year. You may download the health form and related information from the Download Forms section of our website.

Upper School Laptop Information

All upper school students (grades 9 to 12 and postgraduates) will need to arrive on campus with a laptop computer that meets our specifications. Information regarding laptop specifications may be found at

Upon arrival on campus, all laptops must be turned in for configuration by our staff at the Perkins Technology Center to ensure they meet our specifications and for installation of required software. This process takes a few days, and the laptop will be returned to the student upon completion of this configuration.

Early Laptop Check In Available for Returning Students

Returning upper school cadets have the option to check their laptop in prior to their arrival date to expedite the configuration process. Perkins Technology Center will be open for early laptop check in during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 0730 to 1700 hours). Laptops checked in prior to August 22nd should be returned to students in time for the first day of class. Questions about early laptop check-in may be addressed to MAJ Scott Krogh, Director of Information Technology, by email at

Information for Parents

Parents Association 2014-2015

Laura Luniewski, Associate Director of Development Operations, is the FUMA contact for the Parents Association, and she can be reached at (434) 842-4370 or

Joining the Parents Association

You can sign up for the Parents Association by filling out the Parents Association Form and returning it along with your $50 membership fee to the Development Office via mail.

BGAV Scholarship Grants Available

There are funds available for students from cooperating churches of the Baptist General Association of Virginia who need aid in financing their education at Fork Union Military Academy for the upcoming academic year.  The awards are open for application now and range up to $1,000 per student per year.  These funds are grants from Virginia Baptists and do not have to be repaid.  The BGAV uses the following criteria to evaluate each applicant: financial need, Christian service, community service, character, and demonstrated leadership. 

Applications on behalf of Fork Union Military Academy cadets have been well-received in the past, and we hope that a number of our cadet families will apply for 2013-2014.  The online application process for Academy Scholarships is available at

If you need assistance or information, please contact Alicia Parker at the BGAV at 1-800-255-2428, ext. 6225.  Scholarship opportunities are also available for Virginia Baptist cadets who are graduating from Fork Union Military Academy and will be attending college next year.  Please check deadlines and criteria for all Virginia Baptist scholarships online at

All completed applications must be received or postmarked by the deadline in order to be considered for an award.  The deadline for BGAV Achievement Scholarships for BGAV Academies (for students attending Fork Union) is October 1, 2013.  The deadline for BGAV Achievement Scholarships or BGAV Ministerial Educations (for college-bound students) is April 1, 2014.