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Leaves and Day Passes

Major Leaves

There are three Major Leaves during the school year at Fork Union Military Academy:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Spring Break
  • End of Year Departure

These major leaves are mandatory for all cadets. Adult supervision is not available on campus and the campus is closed to students during those times.

Regular Leaves

Certain weekends throughout the school year may be designated as Regular Leave weekends by the Commandant. Cadets who are performing satisfactorily in the classroom, and who are not subject to any conduct restrictions or who do not have athletic or other commitments and obligations to fulfill, are eligible to take these weekend leaves.

Day Passes

Day passes are available on Saturday from 0930–2100 hours or Sunday from 1000–1900 hours. Cadets must sign out with a person over 21 years of age and approved by the cadet's parent/guardian. Cadets must leave and return in the proper uniform approved by the Commandant for this purpose. Parents/Guardians must complete the request for day pass within the Orah platform in accordance with the policies then in place by the Commandant's Department. Cadets who have tours of extra duty to serve or are otherwise restricted to campus are not eligible for a day pass. 


A happy mother and cadet prepare for leave departure.
A happy cadet and mother prepare for leave departure

Other Types of Leave

Open Leave

Certain weekend leaves may be designated as an open leave, for which all cadets are eligible regardless of conduct restrictions or other factors. These open leaves may include Parents Weekend, Winter Weekend, Easter, and Mother's Day Weekend.

Earned Weekend Leave

The Commandant may schedule specific leave weekends such as Exemplary Conduct, Winning Company, and Academic leaves for cadets meriting this benefit.

College Leave

Seniors are authorized two college visits during the school year. Juniors are authorized one college "open house" visit. All college leaves are initiated by the College Placement and Academic Services Department and must be approved by the Academic Dean and the cadet's teacher.

Medical and Emergency Leave

Leave may be granted to cadets in certain circumstances related to severe illness, or the death of a member of the cadet's immediate family. All routine medical and dental appointments should be planned for regularly scheduled leaves only.


Parents/Guardians are responsible for coordinating cadet travel plans for major leaves and arranging shuttle and private hire transportation, if needed, for major leaves and end of the school year departures. Coordination can be arranged with our Commandant's Department. 

Travel plans are communicated through our Orah online platform. You may contact us with any travel-related questions by email to .

Fork Union Military Academy offers transportation options for cadets traveling to and from airports (IAD, CHO, DCA, and RIC) and Amtrak (CVS and RMR) on major leaves only.

  • We offer shuttle transportation, typically by 14-passenger mini-buses, for our mandatory leaves (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and End of the Year Departure).
  • At other times, and to certain other locations, we can offer private hire transportation.

Travel for cadets may require that you make arrangements for an escort to accompany your cadet if he is considered an "unaccompanied minor" based on the policies of your chosen transportation provider. Read more about our Unaccompanied Minors Escort Service below.

Cadets on shuttle bus

Unaccompanied Minors Escort Service

Cadets traveling without their parents by air or train may be considered "unaccompanied minors" depending on their age and may require an adult escort to accompany him to and from the gate of their public transportation. The individual airlines and Amtrak, each have their own policies as to the age at which they require a minor to be escorted by an adult. If your cadet is under the carrier's age limit, please email for more information regarding the cost for this service and to make arrangements for transportation and escort. Advanced notice is requested at least 21 days prior to departure/arrival of an unaccompanied minor request.

Please note that shuttle services for unaccompanied minors are not available due to the need for an escort. This will be categorized as a private hire.

Shuttle Transportation for Major Leaves

Departing Campus:

Fork Union Military Academy has shuttle transportation scheduled to depart at 1:00 PM on the Friday departure day for each Major Leave, to the following locations:

  • Charlottesville Airport (CHO)
  • Richmond AMTRAK (RVR)
  • Richmond Airport (RIC)
  • Dulles Airport (IAD)
  • Washington National Airport (DCA)

Picking Up Cadets for Return:

Fork Union Military Academy has shuttles scheduled to pick up cadets on the return day of each Major Leave at the following location and time:

  • Charlottesville Airport (CHO): 5:00 PM
  • Richmond Airport (RIC): 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM
  • Richmond Amtrak (RVR): 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM
  • Dulles Airport (IAS): 5:00 PM
  • Washington National Airport (DCA): 5:00 PM

Private hire transportation may be available to other locations, or at earlier/later times.

Cost for Shuttle Transportation

Location To or FromCost (each way, not round trip)
Charlottesville Airport (CHO)$135.00
Richmond Amtrak (RVR)$135.00
Richmond Airport (RIC)$135.00
Dulles Airport (IAD)$185.00
Washington National Airport (DCA)$185.00

Private Hire Transportation to Travel Hubs

Transportation to a location, or at a time, other than available by our regularly-scheduled shuttle transportation, is considered private hire transportation. Private hire transportation is available at the costs stated below.

Please note: The associated costs are for 3 hours of service. If the trip exceeds 3 hours, the rate will then increase to an additional charge of $15 per hour.

Location To or FromCost (each way, not round trip)
Charlottesville Amtrak Station (CVS)$185.00
Charlottesville Airport (CHO)$185.00
Richmond Amtrak Station (RVR)$185.00
Richmond Airport (RIC)$185.00
Dulles Airport (IAD)$310.00
Washington National Airport (DCA)$310.00
Other DestinationsTBD

Transportation for Medical, Dental, and Othodontist Services

FUMA transportation for routine medical, dental, and orthordontic appointments is available at the costs stated below.

Please note: The associated costs are for 3 hours of service. If the trip exceeds 3 hours, the rate will then increase to an additional charge of $15 per hour.

LocationTotal Trip Cost
Dr. Panzarella Orthopedics$150.00
Central Virginia Foot and Ankle$150.00
Hamer & Glassick Orthodontics$150.00
Dr. Suzanne Dennis Orthodontics$150.00
Spring Creek Family Dentistry$150.00
UVa Imaging$150.00
Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital$150.00
Other DestinationsTBD