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Life at Fork Union for Day Student Cadets

Day students at Fork Union Military Academy are fully integrated members of our Corps of Cadets, except that they live at home instead of in our barracks facility, Jacobson Hall. The day student population of Fork Union Military Academy in any given year represents about 10 percent of the Cadet Corps on average. They participate fully in the day-to-day academic and athletic schedule of the school, as well as take part in parades, special events, and activities.
day students
day students

Expectations and Responsibilities

Day students are expected to arrive promptly in the morning, complete their check-in process with our Commandant's staff, and participate in any required cadet activities such as Morning Formation prior to beginning their class day. Day students are permitted to depart campus after they have completed all their academic, athletic, and drill obligations for that day. There may be times when their participation is required on campus at days and times outside of their normal schedule in order for them to participate fully in all required cadet activities.

A Home Away From Home

Day students are assigned a room in our barracks where they may store extra uniforms and supplies. During times of inclement weather when other local schools might close, our day students are still expected to be in attendance, and are permitted to stay overnight in the barracks when travel conditions are unsafe. Day students are welcome to arrive early in time for breakfast in our dining hall, and stay later in the evening to have dinner, engage in club activities, or take part in our CQ study time on campus.

In short, the expectation at Fork Union Military Academy is that day students will be treated as full participants in our Corps of Cadets, except for the fact that they may sleep in their own beds at home at night.
day students