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Summer School

Dates: July 5 - August 1, 2015
Grades 6-12 

(A student must have completed grade 6 to be considered for summer session)
Fork Union Military Academy's Summer School provides a non-military program of academic study, athletic activities, and planned enrichment trips. The session is designed to help students in grades 6-12 (student must have completed grade 6) earn academic credit for new course work, correct deficiencies through repeat work, and improve study habits.

The four-week program typically begins in early July. Classes, taught by the Academy's regular faculty, are held six days a week.

Located 50 miles west of Richmond, Virginia and 35 miles southeast of Charlottesville, Virginia, the Academy's 1,000-acre campus provides playing fields, tennis courts, and a state-of-the-art athletic center.

Air conditioned dorms, classrooms, dining facility, and a 21,500+ volume library create a comfortable atmosphere for learning. FUMA's technology center provides all students supervised access to computers and the internet. A nurse is on duty daily in the school infirmary to insure adequate health care. Outstanding athletic facilities, including indoor track, weight room, and aquatic center provides lots of active space for physical development.

Though the summer school program is non-military, uniforms, issued by the school, are required for class, athletics and trips.

Exciting New Course Offerings

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Personal Finance
The Personal Finance course has been designed to help student become financially responsible.  Students will be given information on; money management, budgeting, and financial goal attainment.  Students will also analyze “real world” scenarios using principles of accounting and economics.

Intro to Computer Modeling, Simulation and Gaming
This is an introductory course for Computer Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming (M&S) for high school students interested in cyber security, video game design, crime scene reconstruction, and more. Topics include basic definitions, M&S paradigms and methodologies, computer languages, visual design principles, and software methods. Information literacy and research methods are addressed. Papers and oral presentations are required and allow the student to investigate different aspects of the discipline. This course is a synchronous online course offered in partnership with Richard Bland College. 

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