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Laptop Policy Information

FUMA will once again be incorporating laptop computers into our classrooms for all Upper School Students. The following information is to help you understand what we will be implementing and to solicit any questions or comments that you may have.

All cadets are required to bring a laptop which meets the specifications outlined below. 

While we have been a school with a one-to-one ratio of computers to students for some years, we believe the advances in information technology that continue to occur will allow us to better educate and prepare our cadets for college if we have this technology available to all students all of the time.

Our goal is to support the process of student learning and to develop a core set of skills that will help them be better students and prepare them for college and the "real world" of careers. We intend to continue to emphasize the use of technology as a tool for gathering and organizing information for useful purposes rather than as entertainment.

Any questions related to laptops for next year can be directed to MAJ Scott Krogh ( – 434-842-4375

The specifications for the required laptops are as follows:

  • Must have Windows 7 or better (Windows 8)
  • Must have at least 4 GB of RAM (required to run Windows 7 or better)
  • Must have 50 GB or more of FREE Hard-Drive Space (the overall size isn't as important as the free space)
  • Must have an Ethernet (Wired) Connection (for Jacobson Hall) and Wireless Connection (for Classroom/Rest of Campus)
  • Operating System must be in English
  • Macs are permitted, but must have a Windows partition on them for the classroom environment.
  • School will provide access to the Microsoft Office Suite for the students.
  • Must be a full-functioning Laptop (not a tablet, phone, e-reader, etc.)

Opening Schedule and Important Information for Upper School Day Students (9-12 and PG)

Dear Day Student Parents,

Thank you for choosing Fork Union Military Academy and entrusting us with your son.  We are committed to the charge we have to educate, develop, and inspire your son in this college preparatory, Christian, military environment.                                                                                                                               

The day student population is an integral part of the Academy and as such we want to ensure that the lines of communication are open and you receive pertinent information in a timely manner.

The Commandant’s Department is the primary source that will keep you abreast of schedules, upcoming mandatory events, and general information pertaining to your son’s cadetship.

If you have any questions please contact Amy Reese, Activities Coordinator in the Commandant Department, by email at  If you need immediate assistance, please call (434) 842-4238.     



Fork Union Hosts College Admissions Roundtable

Admissions officers representing a dozen colleges and universities participated in a College and University Admissions Roundtable discussion for faculty and staff in the Guy Beatty Library on the campus of Fork Union Military Academy on Wednesday morning. For more than two hours, the college admissions personnel discussed the characteristics of their school's ideal admissions candidates and answered questions from the teachers in attendance.

"Our vision in hosting this seminar is for our staff and faculty to learn directly from the front line of college admissions offices how best to prepare our cadets for success on these college campuses," explains COL Todd Giszack, the Academic Dean at Fork Union Military Academy. "As a college preparatory school," Giszack continued, "it is vital that our programs be on the leading edge of preparing young men for success after high school."

The roundtable brought together admissions professionals from the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, James Madison University, Christopher Newport University, University of Mary Washington, Radford University, Roanoke College, Bluefield College, Randolph Macon College, Bridgewater College, and Virginia Wesleyan College. Such a large gathering of college admissions officers for a panel discussion was unprecendented in this region in recent memory, and demonstrates Fork Union Military Academy's commitment to leadership as a college preparatory institution. 

Important Info Regarding PG Football Game Against Apprentice School

The PG Football game scheduled for Friday, August 22, against the Apprentice School may be postponed until Saturday, the 23, due to inclement weather.

Please call Coach Shuman Thursday night for updates on this matter.

The #IceBucketChallenge is accepted by Chaplain James Benson

Following his nomination by Coach Brian Hurlocker, the Chaplain of Fork Union Military Academy, stepped forward with some nominations of his own. You'll have to watch the video to see who is next in line to face the icy bath, but let's just say we liked Chaplain Benson's shout out to our last football team to win the State Championship. Nice way to motivate this year's team!

Coach Brian Hurlocker accepts the #IceBucketChallenge

Coach Brian Hurlocker, head prep football coach at Fork Union Military Academy, today accepted the challenge from his former roomate to participate in the #IceBucketChallenge to help raise awareness and donations for research on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. According to the loose rules of this social media campaign, once a person is "nominated" to participate, he or she has 24 hours to either post a video online of themselves dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads, or make a contribution to ALS research. They then nominate up to three other individuals to take up the challenge.

With the help of his prep football players, Coach Hurlocker endured an industrial-sized 44-gallon can of icy water being poured over his head. He then promptly nominated FUMA's Chapain, James Benson, to face what he now calls the "Ice Can Challenge."