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Upper School Day Student Information September 22-28, 2014


** There will be OPEN SWIM for all cadets in the Estes Athletic Center Pool on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, from 1400-1600.  Day students are invited to participate in the OPEN SWIM.


Unform regulations - week of september 22-28


Monday, September 22             BDU Uniform

Tuesday, September 23            Class B Summer

Wednesday, September 24      BDU Uniform

Thursday, September 25          Class B Summer

Friday, September 26               BDU Uniform

Saturday, September 27           No Corps Activities requiring Day Students to attend

Sunday, September 28             No Corps Activities requiring Day Students to attend





Monday, September 22 –    Term 1 semester exam


Thursday, September 25 – college fair in the Estes athletic center (for juniors and seniors).

Over 60 colleges and universities, both in-state and out-of-state, will be in attendance.


Monday, September 29 –   Picture day!  Yearbook and athletic teams photos will be taken.  Uniform required – class a winter (long-sleeve white shirt)


All blouse/jackets have not been issued, but various sizes will be available the picture site.


Athletic teams photos will be taken in the team uniform issued by the  Athletic Department.

Fork Union Alumni on Current NFL Rosters

Fork Union Military Academy has a number of teams in the National Football League (NFL) for which to root, as our alumni are on many NFL rosters. This year, the following sixteen former Blue Devils are on NFL teams:


Sorry parents but the deadlines for signing your son up for these two classes have past.

We sent out letters and made post on the website to remind you of the deadlines.  The classes have already started so please do not call wanting to sign your son up and give us credit card info to try and do so.  We put deadlines on things like this so we know how many books to order and for our planning purposes

We will offer the classes again in the spring for the Juniors to take and again letters will be sent out, so make sure we have your current address and please look at the website.

In case alot of you did not know - there is a lot of helpful information on our website about alot of the questions that are frequently asked by parents so please take a moment and visit our website.




Enterovirus precautions for parents

Fork Union Military Academy is requesting the assistance of our parents and families in preventing the possible spread of illnesses within our Corps of Cadets. The past couple of weeks have seen a rise in reported cases of Enterovirus D68 across the country, including several suspected cases in central Virginia. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Virginia's Department of Health have provided some common sense guidelines for limiting any possible outbreaks of this highly contagious illness.

Enteroviruses are quite common, with more than one hundred types of enteroviruses identified, and these viruses can cause a variety of symptoms. The Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) is similar to a rhinovirus which causes the common cold, but whereas colds may start with fever, cough, and runny nose, EV-D68 seems to only cause a fever in 25-30% of reported cases, and it can quickly lead to more significant respiratory symptoms including coughing and wheezing. 

With many of our young men going home on leave in the upcoming days, it is important to be aware of such illnesses and take appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of this virus and other illnesses in our Corps of Cadets. 

Upper School Day Student Schedule and Uniform Information for September 15-21

** There is an optional Corps activity on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13.  Day students are invited to participate in the DODGE BALL TOURNAMENT to be held in the Estes Athletic Center (main floor) after Retreat at 1900 (7:00 pm).   Cadets are to wear PTs (gray t-shirt, PT shorts, and orange reflective belt).




Monday, September 15             BDU Uniform

Tuesday, September 16            Class B Summer

Wednesday, September 17      BDU Uniform

Thursday, September 18          Class B Summer

Friday, September 19               BDU Uniform

Saturday, September 20           No Corps Activities requiring Day Students to attend

Sunday, September 21             No Corps Activities requiring Day Students to attend






If you have any questions please contact Ms. White in the Guidance Office at 434-842-4203or by email at



THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 – COLLEGE FAIR in the Estes Athletic Center (for Juniors and Seniors).

From the Middle School Headmaster...

Good afternoon. It’s quiet in the school building as our students are in the barracks getting ready for dinner, so I thought I’d take some time to give you an update of what’s going on around campus. We opened school this year with an enrollment of 49, which ties last year’s enrollment. We very much hope to build on this number as the year progresses. Our cadets represent 10 different states, the District of Columbia, China, Korea, and Mexico, offering our cadets a unique, diverse student body.

I make a point each day of sitting with a different group of cadets at meal time, giving me an opportunity to share in conversations about cadet life. I ask them about their day, their favorite teachers, class activities, how they’re getting along with their roommate, how their teams are doing, etc. I always enjoy hearing anecdotes about their FUMA experiences. I’m feeling really good so far about how our cadets are evolving into a cohesive Corps of Cadets. Camaraderie develops quickly among our cadets as they learn to rely on and encourage one another through their daily routine. Our cadets are well on their way to mastering the skills of marching, cleaning, making a bed, and shining shoes. They are getting used to the evening study hall schedule, and most are completing their homework without difficulty. I’m hearing positive reports from the teachers regarding the cadets’ overall adjustment to the new school year.