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Upper School Day Student Information for Oct 20-26, 2014

Uniform Regulations  - Week of October 20-26

Monday, October 20                    No Classes Held

Tuesday, October 21                   Class B Summer

Wednesday, October 22              BDU Uniform

Thursday, October 23                  Class B Summer

Friday, October 24                       BDU Uniform  

Saturday, October 25                   No Corps Activities requiring Day Students to attend

Sunday, October 26                     No Corps Activities requiring Day Students to attend



Upcoming Important Dates

Tuesday, November 11                 Veteran’s Day Ceremony (mandatory corps event)

                                                        All Day Students should report to company at 1800.


Upcoming Student Activities

Friday, October 31                       1900   Guest Speaker-Andy McIntosh; Imitating Nature in Design, Chapel



Please remind your son to turn in any overdue library books.


Annual Holiday Food Drive

October 18-December 12

Recommendations for schools and universities issued by the CDC

Fork Union Military Academy has been following news of the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa with great interest and concern. In mid-September, cadets in our Interact Club began an initiative to raise funds from fellow cadets and staff to donate to UNICEF's efforts to help fight this virus in Africa. Our entire Corps of Cadets took on this fundraiser as a company competition and our senior class showed great leadership by raising over $1,000 within their own company to help the Corps surpass their goal of $1,500 within three weeks.

We have also been carefully monitoring news and events to ensure that our staff and students remain aware of steps being taken to prevent the spread of this outbreak to areas beyond West Africa. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided guidance to colleges and universities regarding Ebola in West Africa.  We are following these same guidelines here at Fork Union Military Academy.

Parents Weekend

Parents Weekend is a special event held during October. It provides an opportunity for Parents to meet and mingle with teachers, staff and administrators. This is also a great opportunity to see your son and see him participate in the first parade of the year.  We hope you will come out and join us for this special weekend.


Friday 17 October 2014

3:00PM - 5:00PM Parent-Teacher Conferences in classrooms for Upper and Middle School (Upper School meetings are by appointment only).

6:30PM - 8:30PM Parents Association Dinner in the Estes Dining Hall (business casual attire) This is a great chance to mingle with teachers and other parents. There will be no cost to attend. Cadets are not permitted to attend.

Saturday 18 October

8:00AM-11:00AM Middle School Parent-Teacher conferences continue in the Middle School Academic Building. Light refreshments will be provided.

8:30AM-9:00AM Upper School College Application Seminar for Junior and Senior Parents in Chapel.

9:00AM- 11:00AM Upper School parents and grandparents gather in the Estes Center to meet and mingle with teachers, advisors and staff. Light refreshments will be provided.  Upper School parents may also visit the barracks during this time

10:00AM-11:30AM Academy Museum will be open.

11:30AM First Call for parade formation

11:45AM Parade

12:30PM-1:30PM Lunch in the Dining Hall is provided for cadets' parents/guardians and grandparents. meal tickets for other family members may be purchased in the Estes Dining Hall ($9.00 for adults, $5.00 for children under 9 years of age)

9:30PM TAPS Middle School

10:00PM TAPS Upper School



Some Are Called

For loyal readers, this blog has something for everyone...military, Christian, and college-prep.  Today's Chapel message spoke of soldiers, leaders, and followers.  We had a "guest speaker," our own Captain Jason Biette, who teaches Environmental Science, which took the place of Earth Science taught for many years by COL John Ransone.

His message was based on 1 Samuel 14, and Jonathan's courage to follow God, even though it would cause him disfavor with his father [Saul].  To follow God is an exercise in faith, and it is important not to be swayed by the criticism of others.  Each of us faces challenges, but God remains in control. 

Aligned with our emphasis on character and leadership, the lesson illustrated that showing faith encourages people to follow...and that we should all have faith so strong that others take notice and want to follow our lead.

I enjoyed his ending, when he said that God "called some of us to bear the sword, and some the armor," but regardless must accept our calling faithfully...

My highlight for this blog did not involve a cadet, although there are a number of positive examples I could have used this week.  Instead my highlight was a short meeting with a faculty member's child.  Eight year old Ella made an appointment to visit and ask me a question.  At first she sat in the "hot seat"...the chair in my office where people brief me on issues...or where the cadets sit during "counseling" sessions.

Just before asking me her question, she decided it might be safer to sit next to her father on the sofa...and then said:

"The dining hall staff works hard for us every day and I would like to honor them with a meal.  I am going to ask the staff to bring food for a potluck.  I will email the staff asking for their support.  I would like to have a lunch on November 21st at the Estes Center."

At 8 years old I was searching for a good deed to turn my Bobcat Pin right side up...and may have opened a door for someone.  She made an appointment with the head of the school where her father worked to thank a group of hard working people who work tirelessly day in and day out.  Of course I said it reinforced in my mind the strength of community and family we have here at Fork Union.

Much of my time was filled by writing thank you letters to the many who have been generous to the school.  The 2013-2014 fiscal year (July-June) saw an increase in giving, particularly in the area of scholarship support for those who might not otherwise be able to afford the full cost of tuition.  While tuition revenue does not come close to providing all the school needs to operate year-to-year, it is still a significant investment for a shrinking middle class...but that may be a story for another blog.

We were blessed by a commitment this week by the Dwyer family, who established an endowed scholarship.  Paul Dwyer III ’76 attended for four years and reflects positively on his experience here. We are working with each graduating class to establish at least one endowed scholarship per class year, and welcome others who are considering creating endowed scholarships.

In a future blog I will provide some compelling stories about a growing number of young men here who have found the school, approached their parents, convincing them that "Fork Union Military Academy is where they need to be to reach their goals" whether they aspire to attend a Service Academy, attend the civilian college of their choice, or simply reach their full potential (athletically, academically, or attitudinally).  These young men are having a remarkably positive impact on our Corps of Cadets.

We've had several soccer games, cross country meets, football games...the Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted a monthly "See You At The Pole," where many cadets, faculty, and staff prayed for family members, colleagues, and fellow cadets...and I wrote countless letters of recommendation for cadets seeking congressional nominations, or entry into a selective list of colleges...and even spent an afternoon speaking to a young man from Charlottesville who is applying for the Coast Guard Academy.

We also hosted the Chair and Vice Chair for our Virginia Association of Independent Schools decennial accreditation visit.  This visit is scheduled for April, and we've been working hard for more than a year to prepare a self-study narrative report, which is used as a foundational document for the visiting team.  This accreditation process has guided us to make a number of improvements...and continues to provide a framework for positive reflection...and while I'm not supposed to say this, we'll be glad to put the actual visit behind us...and use the energy in other ways that benefit the school.

On Tuesday we hosted Mr. Colin Hanna as the first speaker in our Christian Leadership Series.  He toured the campus, and addressed the Upper and Middle Schools.  His personal message of faith was inspiring, and his presence lifted the school.  We are blessed that Mr. David Barrett organizes and accompanies each speaker.  Colin Hanna is President of Let Freedom Ring USA, Inc., a non-profit public policy organization committed to promoting Constitutional government, free enterprise and traditional values. 

He is a U.S. Navy veteran, and has been a guest with Megyn Kelly, Hannity and Colmes, The Situation with Tucker Carlson, Dayside, Fox & Friends, Your World with Neil Cavuto, The Big Story with John Gibson; Special Report with Brit Hume, and The Lou Dobbs Report.  

For the Class of 2015, it must be refreshing to know that next week will signal that only 80% of the school year remains...and we know they "saw the light at the end of the tunnel" after their first meeting with Ms. Holly Sidwell, our Josten's representative, to talk about graduation announcements, mugs, and invitations.

Now I know why I wrote these every week...already at a thousand words, and still much that should have been said...but all I have time for is...

Go Parents Weekend!  Go First Formal Review!  Go FUMA!

Upper School Day Student Information for Oct 13-19, 2014

Uniform Regulations  - Week of October 13-19


Monday, October 13                      BDU Uniform

Tuesday, October 14                     Class B Summer

Wednesday, October 15                BDU Uniform

Thursday, October 16                    Class B Summer

Friday, October 17                         BDU Uniform  

Saturday, October 18                     Class A Summer -- Parent’s Weekend Parade

Sunday, October 19                       No Corps Activities requiring Day Students to attend


Upcoming Important Dates


Tuesday, October 14 -        PSAT for all 11th graders and approximately 33 10th graders.  Test time is 0745.

Wednesday, October 15 -  Term 1 Final Exam

Saturday, October 18 --      Parents’ Weekend Parade – Mandatory for all cadets.

1045 (10:45 am) - Day Students report to respective companies.

Uniform for parade is Class A Summer  (white shirt) with white Service Hat    

Monday, October 20 --      No classes held.


Parents’ Weekend Schedule  - October 17 and 18

Friday, October 17           Revised Class Schedule

Upper School Day Student Information for Oct 6-12, 2014

Uniform Regulations - Week of October 6-12


Monday, October 6 BDU Uniform

Tuesday, October 7 Class B Summer

Wednesday, October 8 BDU Uniform

Thursday, October 9 Class B Summer

Friday, October 10 BDU Uniform

Saturday, October 11 No Corps Activities requiring Day Students to attend

Sunday, October 12 No Corps Activities requiring Day Students to attend


Upcoming Important Dates


Wednesday, October 8 - 1015 (10:15 am) Meeting with the Josten’s representative for Seniors regarding graduation products and class rings. Meeting will be in the Chapel.

Tuesday, October 14 - PSAT for all 11th graders.

Wednesday, October 15 - Term 1 Final Exam