When I first heard that I was being sent to Fork Union Military Academy, I was anxious. The stereotype that has been associated with military schools is that “only bad people who can’t behave get sent to a military school.” I was wrong; when I came to Fork Union Military Academy, I felt like I belonged. I felt like I was in a group of brothers. More importantly, I felt like I was able to succeed. I learned that in public school, I was not able to learn because I could not ask the teacher any questions. I had a graduating class of 600, meaning that all of my classes had a minimum of a 20:1 student teacher ratio. I constantly was not paid attention to, and it felt like the teacher did not care about us. When I came to Fork Union, I had teachers like CPT. Kenny, and Mrs. Stevens who made me feel included each day of learning. I got to interact with them and get one-on-one with them to figure out where I was struggling. The One Subject Plan is very productive because each day of learning is equal to a week of learning at public school. They incorporate some military aspects to help you realize the aspects of the real world. Fork Union teaches you what it means to be disciplined and what it means to take responsibility and lead. This school teaches you what it means to work with each other, and what it means to have morals and values. The lessons that you learn from this school will stay with you everywhere you go. You hear cadets and alumni say, “Fork Union is a hard place to be, but a great place to be from.” This school will test you, but it tests you so that you can go into the world with life lessons that some people still have yet to learn. The people that come here are willing to join a brotherhood for life. Here at Fork Union, we look after each other. We hold each other accountable for our actions while making sure we make each other feel like we are there for each other. If you are not willing to join the brotherhood or put in work and be an active part of FUMA, you would not be a good fit for Fork Union Military Academy.

Ian McHarg, FUMA Class of 2024