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Commandant's Department

The offices of the Commandant’s Department, located in Jacobson Hall, facilitate the application and enforcement of the military component within the purview of barracks life. The student body is organized into the Corps of Cadets, which is divided into individual companies. Each company resides together in the barracks and is led by cadet officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs). Each company has an assigned adult TAC officer who works with its members and officers, mentoring and instructing them on a daily basis.

The military responsibilities of the Commandant's Department consist of drill and ceremony, chain of command, barracks details, the proper wear of the uniform, as well as enforcing Academy rules and regulations. In addition, the Commandant’s Department supervises the demerit and merit system, and extra duty (ED) program, which are both used as disciplinary tools for rule infractions.


Important Information

 Cadet Handbook (The Blue Book)

 Parent's Handbook of Leave, Transportation, and Day Pass Information

 Statement of Support

 Weekend Leave Form

 Music Device Policy

Barracks Telephone Schedule


End of Year Departure Dates and Time

Middle School Cadets

  • Middle School Cadets (7th & 8th grades) will depart on Wednesday, 19 May 2021
  • Departures will begin at 1200


Upper School Cadets

  • Upper School Cadets (9th – 11th grades) will depart on Thursday, 20 May 2021
  • These Cadets will be able to depart Campus after their final exams at approximately 1200

Cadets taking FUMA Shuttle Transportation

  • FUMA Shuttles will depart campus at 1300 

Please ensure that your Cadet has an ample amount of time to make it to their gate prior to departure (use the below recommendations):

  • Washington DC (Dulles and Reagan) 5pm or later departure
  • Richmond, VA (Airport/Bus/Train) 4pm or later departure
  • Charlottesville, VA (Airport) 3pm or later departure


Graduating Cadets

  • Seniors (12th grade) will depart on Friday, 21 May 2021 after the graduation ceremony which starts at 1030
  • All Cadets must have arrangements to be off campus by 1700 (5:00 pm) on Friday, May 21, 2021.  Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed and approved by the Commandant. 


International Cadets

  • Due to travel and departure times, International Cadets that are taking international flights home are authorized to depart the day prior to the end of the term for major leave breaks, if approved by the Cadets teacher, Academic Dean and Commandant’s Department.
  • Cadets that are requesting to depart early for international flights must not depart prior to taking term finals; prior coordination must be made with the Cadets instructor.  
  • Early departure requests must be submitted 2 weeks in advance to the Commandant’s Department so that transportation requests can be submitted and approved.


Track & Field Athletes

Those athletes participating in the Track & Field State Meet, both undergraduates and graduating seniors, will remain on campus and compete in Richmond on Saturday, May 22, 2021. Travel arrangements will be made in coordination with Coach Winston Brown and the Commandant's Department for these cadets.


Parent/Guardian Transportation/Pick-Up

  • Cadets leaving campus by car will depart from their respective company.
  • They must sign-out with their TAC Officer prior to leaving campus.  
  • Cadets must be picked up by the person listed on their leave form.  Please be prepared to show an ID if requested.  
  • Cadets may not leave campus with anyone under the age of 21.
  • If a cadet is traveling with another cadet/cadet’s family or carpooling, the leave office must receive written permission from both cadets’ parents/guardians.


Transportation Information

Our Commandant's Department is responsible for coordinating with you regarding your travel plans for major leaves and arranging shuttle and private hire transportation for our major leaves and end of the school year departures.

Fork Union Military Academy provides transportation options for cadets traveling to and from certain airports, Amtrak, and Greyhound stations.

  • We provide shuttle transportation, typically by 15-passenger mini-buses, for our mandatory leaves (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and End of the Year Departure).
  • At other times, and to certain other locations, we can provide private hire transportation.

Travel for cadets may require that you make arrangements for an escort to accompany your cadet if he is considered an "unaccompanied minor" based on the policies of your chosen transportation provider. Read more about our Unaccompanied Minors Escort Service below.


Shuttle Transportation

FUMA shuttle transportation will be available for mandatory leaves (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and End of the Year) to the following locations at the costs stated:

Location One-Way Cost Round-Trip Cost
Richmond Greyhound Station $50 $100
Richmond AMTRAK Station (Staples Mill Road) $50 $100
Richmond Airport (RIC) $50 $100
Dulles Airport (IAD) $75 $150
Washington National Airport (DCA) $75 $150
  • The Shuttle will leave FUMA at 1300 hours (1:00 PM) at the start of each major leave break
  • The Shuttle will pick up students from Richmond bus or train stations and airport at approximately 1730 hours (5:30 PM) on the day their leave ends.
  • The Shuttle will pick up students from Washington DC airports (DCA and IAD) at approximately 1600 hours (4:00 PM) on the day their leave ends.
  • Transportation to the above locations on any other day or any different times will be considered private hire.
  • The shuttle will not take cadets to any other locations.
  • We do not provide shuttle transportation to the Charlottesville bus/train stations or airport, but you can arrange private hire transportation for those destinations.


Private Hire Transportation

Transportation to one of the below locations on a day or at a different time than our shuttle transportation provides is considered private hire transportation. 

Location Fee Distance Mileage Cost Total Trip Cost
Charlottesville Greyhound Station $45 68 $39 $84
Charlottesville Amtrak Station $45 68 $39 $84
Charlottesville Airport (CHO) $45 89 $52 $97
Richmond Greyhound Station $50 127 $61 $111
Richmond Amtrak Station (Staples Mill Road) $50 106 $61 $111
Richmond Airport (RIC) $50 106 $74 $124
Dulles Airport (IAD) $100 265 $137 $237
Washington National Airport (DCA) $100 236 $154 $254


Unaccompanied Minors Escort Service

Cadets traveling without their parents by air, train, or bus may be considered "unaccompanied minors" depending on their age and may be required to have an adult escort accompany him. The airlines, Amtrak, and Greyhound each have their own policies as to the age at which they require a minor to be escorted by an adult.

If your cadet requires an escort:

  • he must be transported to the carrier by our private hire transportation service (not by shuttle transportation), at the costs specified above.
  • FUMA will provide the unaccompanied minor escort service at additional fee of $25 per individual cadet, each way, which will be added to the private hire transportation cost listed above.. 


Children who are underage, according to the airlines’ rules, must be escorted to the ticket counter and through security by an adult whose name is provided to the airline by the parent. Per FAA regulation, a designated adult is required to remain at the terminal until the child boards the plane and until the plane takes off from the runway. In addition to the above fees, the airline may charge its own "unaccompanied minor” fee. Please check with the different carriers, as their requirements and fees are not the same.

The parent of the child requiring “unaccompanied minor” services must provide the airline advance notice of the name and phone number of the person escorting the minor through the airport and to his flight prior to the purchase of their tickets.

The parent must also provide the airline the name and phone number of the individual who is meeting the child at the final destination. This information is needed when the parent contacts the airline to purchase the “unaccompanied minor” service.


Amtrak and Greyhound also have additional requirements and/or fees. Please ensure you check with the carrier's requirements prior to purchasing a ticket. Please allow time at each location for completion of required forms and payment of fees.

If you have any questions related to travel or unaccompanied minors, please email us at



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