The youngest of 4 brothers, Lamar has accomplished everything a parent would like to see from their child. He accepted the challenge of Fork Union Military Academy without complaining, and emphatically met his parents expectations. I am very proud of this young man's performance over the past 4 years, and wish him all the blessings of a bright and successful future in college.

I am most proud of Lamar's perseverance over the past 4 years at FUMA. The rigors of this experience has molded him into a great young man and prepared him for the challenges ahead. I think what contributed most to his success was the love and care provided to him from siblings, his parents, and the friendships he gained while studying at FUMA. This cadet learned to be disciplined in his academic studies, and proficient in his critical thinking skills. I expect nothing but great things from this young man going forward, and the impact FUMA has made on him and on his family will be something we reflect on forever.

Thank you for making my son a better scholar, athlete, and human being.

Sincerely, Dr. Ian Jordan—Proud father of a great FUMA graduate!