First of all, we are very deeply thankful to FUMA's Corps of Cadets that have been so dedicated for our young cadets and have gotten through this most unusual and difficult year. We researched many years before we decided to enroll and FUMA's Corps of Cadets has proven to be impressive. We are very proud our son finished a second year and of course we will be supporting him many years to come. It is the best investment for our child's brilliant future and it will be lasting for a lifetime. What we have been seeing is the last of our son's juvenile plumage molting just in weeks. My spouse dropped a stream of joyful tears when we made our first visit to him at the boarding facility, even though it's a very short distance from our home. We have been "over the moon" that we made the great decision and FUMA is the best place, not only for the education but it is the best place to create your child's brilliant future.

A current parent