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Tuition & Fees

Generally speaking, our costs for tuition and room & board are at the low end of what you might expect for a private boarding school. Our tuition is comparable to many day schools, and our room & board and uniform costs are comparable to what it would cost you to house and clothe your son in your own home.

If your son meets our admissions criteria and would be a great addition to our Corps of Cadets, we will work with you and do our best to make enrollment possible, whatever your financial means. 

We encourage you to call our Director of Admissions, COL Tripp Billingsley, at 434-842-4205. He can explain the tuition levels for boarding students, day students, students entering during the academic year, as well as the various payment options that are available. He can also explain our Tuition Assistance Program, designed to make a Fork Union Military Academy education affordable for as wide a range of family situations as we possibly can.

Tuition Provides Only 70% of Our Operating Costs

Our standard practice is to set tuition at about 70% of the full annual cost of operating the school. We make up the difference through donations to the school and through auxilliary operations.

Tuition Assistance Program

The Academy strives to make the Fork Union experience affordable for each family. Accordingly, we offer multiple payment plan options.

Tuition assistance is available for qualified applicants. You may apply online for financial aid assistance.

Specific tuition assistance questions may be directed to  our Director of Admissions, COL Tripp Billingsley, at 434.842.4205.

Your Tuition, Room & Board Provides...

This fee will fully fund the following educational, residential, and personal enrollment benefits:


College-preparatory academic instruction provided by the Academy's experienced faculty. All textbooks are included.


Residence in a climate-controlled dormitory, where rooms contain sinks, are cable television ready, and are network capable for students possessing laptop computers. All bed linens are provided.
MealsA comprehensive meal plan which includes three daily "all-you-choose-to-eat" meals in the Academy dining hall. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains are standard at all meals.


24-hour access to the team of medical professionals who staff the Academy Infirmary.

College Prep

Ongoing college-preparatory counseling in all grades, provided by the Academy's Guidance Officers.
Internet &
E-Mail Access
Personalized email and internet user accounts, along with access to numerous computer labs.
LibraryUnlimited access to the Academy's library, containing more than 21,000 books, every appropriate printed magazine, and many newspapers.
Athletic &
Access to the Academy's superb athletic and recreation facilities, including indoor and outdoor running tracks, racquetball and squash courts, an indoor pool, an indoor batting cage, an indoor shooting range, lighted tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, collegiate weight room, paintball course, multiple outdoor athletic and recreation fields, fishing pond, and more.
Clubs &
Optional participation in clubs, extra-curricular activities, and enriching off-campus excursions.
Inclusion in special events on campus, such as professional concerts, professional athletic events, guest lectures, and recreational opportunities like laser tag and rock climbing (nominal fees for some special events may apply).
PublicationsFree copies of campus publications, newspapers, and yearbooks.
InsuranceSupplemental group accident and injury insurance to supplement your family insurance.


Your Fees for Uniform Costs Provides...




A full issuance of high-quality military uniform items, including daily wear, formal wear, inclement weather gear, coats hats and gloves, blankets, military insignia, foot locker, laundry necessities, shoes and boots, and other accessories. If kept in good condition, these items may be used during subsequent enrollment years. Dry cleaning of uniform items is included.
A complete supply of athletic and recreation uniforms, including multiple t-shirts, shorts, and sweats. Laundering of these items is included.


Not included with payment for tuition, room and board:

  • Academic materials and supplies other than issued textbooks
  • Travel Expenses - Parents should budget for trips home on "major leaves" as well as weekend leaves.
  • Purchases at the Sabre Shop or Cadet Store - Snacks, supplies for personal hygiene and room cleaning.
  • Primary Medical/Health Insurance - A cadet may not enroll without medical insurance. Student insurance may be purchased from FUMA's insurance carrier. Please call the Infirmary Staff at 434-842-4310 for details.
  • Allowance Accounts

The Academy reserves the right to increase the charges for room and board upon proper notice to parents.

For mid-year enrollment tuition & fees, please contact our Admissions Office.

2018-2019 Costs—Boarding

Tuition, room & board$32,950
Uniforms (estimated)3,500
Administrative Fees500


2018-2019 Costs—Day

Uniforms (estimated)2,300
Administrative Fees500


2018-2019 Costs—International 

Uniforms (estimated)3,500
Administrative Fees500
Health Insurance2,160
ESL - if required1,500






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