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Upper School

The traditional high school grades (9-12) are organized at Fork Union Military Academy in a manner that is both unique and focused.

In addition to outstanding academic and athletic programs, the military boarding school environment provides each young man with a first hand opportunity to participate in learning about leadership. This experience sets military school education apart and can make a very valuable difference in later life.

Here a young man finds no lack of direction and guidance. Our traditions dictate that staff and cadet leaders make the extra effort to insure that all cadets know what is expected and are held accountable for meeting those expectations. Privileges and leadership are hard earned, but the result is confidence and self-respect that grows from real accomplishments.

Our unique curriculum schedule, known as the One Subject Plan, is more than fifty years old. In addition to the course material, thousands of young men have experienced the absolute value of mastering the subject material they set out to learn. Studying one subject at a time is a unique experience that is intended to sharpen a young man's focus and improve his ability to concentrate.

Early College Scholars Program

Qualified students may enter the Early College Scholars Program at the beginning of their junior or senior year of high school. Successful completion of this 2 year course of study enables students to receive an Associate of Science degree as they also work to graduate from the Academy. Imagine earning a high school diploma and a college degree at the same time. Learn more by clicking the link above.

One Subject Plan
Benefits of the One Subject Plan
Individual Attention
Supervised Study
Grading Scale
Graduation Requirements
Guidance Office

The Academy’s Guidance Office is structured to assure that every Cadet, at every grade level receives abundant direction and support during his enrollment here.  Our guidance staff provides personal academic advising, assistance in the college selection process, information for career planning, and counseling services.  As a national testing center, our testing coordinator supervises all SAT, ACT, AP, and TOEFL testing on campus.  In addition to our annual college day whereby representatives from dozens of colleges and universities from around the country come to the Academy to meet our students, we also organize multiple trips to college campuses annually.  Learn more by clicking the link above

College Acceptances
Laptop Computer Information for Upper School
Resource / Learning Skills Program




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