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Virginia's Education Improvement Scholarship

Are you interested in providing a great educational opportunity for your son at Fork Union Military Academy but you're concerned that you might not be able to afford it?

Virginia's Education Improvement Scholarship (EISTC) program provides scholarship grants for Virginia students whose families meet certain income levels and other guidelines.

This scholarship is in addition to other financial aid or scholarships you might qualify to receive!


It really adds up!

When these scholarship dollars from this state program are added to the other financial aid and scholarship grants already offered by Fork Union Military Academy, it can really help to put the cost of a top private school education within reach of many more families!

Use the simple calculator below to see if you might qualify for a scholarship grant from the EISTC program.

Note: The scholarship amounts used in this calculator are estimates only, based on 2020-2021 data. Actual scholarship amounts for the 2021-2022 school year may vary.




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For more information about how to make a Fork Union Military Academy education more affordable for your family, please visit this page to learn more about financial aid and other affordability options, or contact our Admissions Office at or by phone at 434-842-4205.