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Financial Aid

Financial Aid / Tuition Assistance Program

The Academy offers an assortment of financial tools and options, such as payment plan options, need based grants, and postgraduate athletic scholarships, to help make the Academy more affordable.

  • Admissions decisions are made without regard to need for financial aid. At the same time, if your son is admitted, we provide the information below to assist you in trying to close any gap between what your family (through whatever resources you have available) can pay and the tuition and fees.
  • Because of the nature of the Academy’s rolling admissions process, it is advantageous for a family to let us know early if financial aid will be needed.

Click this link below to apply for financial aid:

Apply for Financial Aid


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I make payments for tuition and fees?

The Academy utilizes the services of FACTS Management Company in order to receive tuition and fee payments, and to collect need-based grant applications. FACTS Management Company is the largest financial services provider in the industry, with over 20 years of experience, and serves schools in all 50 states. Ultimately, the Academy and not FACTS Management Company decides the amount of any grants offered.

Parents may access their account at FACTS using the link below:

Information about the payment plans available through FACTS can be found in our Download Center at the below link: FACTS Info on Payment Plans

Do I have to pay the tuition in one lump sum or are there payment plan options?

The Academy offers families a flexible array of payment terms which can help smooth out the payment obligation over time and are explained in our Enrollment Agreement. Whether your son will be in our Middle School, Upper School or a postgraduate, and whether a boarder or a day student, the Academy is ready to talk to you about these common-sense options.

While I understand that FUMA's tuition and fees are a great value, how do families afford private school these days?

While the Academy itself is a great value, there is no doubt that the cost may have a significant impact on families. Parents or guardians may need the help of grandparents, as well as other family members or friends. Scholarships through churches or other religious organizations, civic organizations, or employers may also supplement what the parent or guardian can pay directly (though the parent/guardian would coordinate and pay the monies to the Academy). It is important for you to investigate opportunities as soon and as thoroughly as you can.

This section of our website identifies many other options that may be available to your family as well through other third parties, as well as through the Academy.

Are there private loans available for private school?


Fork Union Military Academy offers an educational loan opportunity through Springstone Financial LLC called Your Tuition Solution™. Your Tuition Solution™ is the premier provider of low fixed rate extended payment options for primary and secondary private school education. Specialists in the education market, associates are focused on bringing schools and families the best possible rates, terms, and customer service.

Through partnerships with educators, Your Tuition Solution provides payment alternatives that assist families in making a high-quality private school education a reality. Central to the company values is respect for the parents and educators we serve and the employees and business partners who make that service possible.

Your Tuition Solution is offered by Springstone Financial, LLC, whose management team brings over 25 years of combined experience in providing high quality consumer financial services.

Please visit for more details on the program.

Are there any federal based school loans?

SallieMae K-12 Family Education LoanSM gives you an effective way to pay for your student’s private education beyond financial aid, personal savings, or traditional payment plans, offering competitive interest rates that reward good credit.

Additional features include no application fee or repayment fees, easy online application, and fixed 3-year repayment term.

Parents, family members, or other creditworthy individuals can apply to assist students attending K-12 private school using the link

Refer to School Code 609466-00

Are there any scholarships available from FUMA?

The Academy offers the prestigious Trustee Scholarship, which was created by the Academy’s Board of Trustees. Go to Trustee Scholarship for more information.

There are other scholarship opportunities which are designed to make the Academy accessible to young men, such as the Major Craig Moon Access Scholarships.

What about scholarship awards based on merit? Are there any?

After successfully completing his first year, a cadet may be considered for one of the merit-awards the Academy offers. These awards function as tuition reductions for subsequent years of enrollment, and can be sizeable. Designed to offer young men the opportunity to earn rewards for positive achievement in a variety of endeavors, our merit-award program is a widely valued offering, helping many cadets each year.

Are there scholarships available from other places or organizations?

In addition to the scholarships and grants offered by Fork Union Military Academy, the Baptist General Association of Virginia makes some scholarship funds available specifically for students attending Fork Union Military Academy. Scholarships of up to $1,000 are available for students who are members of a BGAV-affiliated church. Application for this scholarship is made through the BGAV directly, but we can supply you with more information regarding how to apply.

What if I am a veteran---are there any special resources or opportunities?

Veterans who have not fully utilized their GI Bill amounts may be eligible to utilize those amounts for the son’s attendance at the Academy.

Are there any other opportunities for veterans?

Yes. There is a special opportunity from the NewDAY USA Foundation. In recognition of the sacrifice veterans and military families have made for our country, the NewDAY USA Foundation and Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS) are joining together to provide scholarships to the children of disabled U.S. veterans and service members.

Eligible students can receive up to $20,000 in tuition assistance towards attending a select military school such as FUMA.


If I am a Postgraduate, are there any scholarships available?

Some of these recruits are eligible for grants administered by the coaches who oversee the PG athletic programs. Candidates must contact the coaches directly to explore eligibility.

Is need based financial aid available?

Simply put, if your son is accepted we will work hard to help find the resources for him to attend. The Academy offers need based grants to eligible families, though it is important for the family to share in the investment. The application process is simple, and the awards can be substantial. Any award will only be valid for a stated period of time so that, if an awardee elects not to enroll in the Academy, another family can benefit from the grant assistance. So, apply and enroll early to secure the best possible option for your family.

Tripp Billingsley, our Director of Admissions, oversees financial aid for students. You may contact him at 434-842-4205 or email

How do I apply for need based financial aid?

The Academy utilizes the services of FACTS Management Company in order to collect need-based grant applications. FACTS Management Company is the largest financial services provider in the industry, with over 20 years of experience, and serves schools in all 50 states. Ultimately, the Academy and not FACTS Management Company decides the amount of any grants offered.

Information about the payment plans available through FACTS can be found at the below link:

 FACTS Info on Payment Plans

Are Admissions decisions impacted by financial aid requests?

No, Admissions decisions are made independently of requests for aid. Many families choose though to discuss financial aid options prior to or in connection with the application for admissions.

When should I apply for need based financial aid?

Since the Academy utilizes a rolling admissions process and therefore a rolling process with respect to need based awards, you should apply for need based financial aid as soon as possible.

Where do I go to apply for need based financial aid?

The application process is simple. Click here to apply for Financial Aid, and you will be directed to the application form. Once completed, be sure to fax your most recent tax forms to FACTS Management Company in order to complete the process. Once your information has been received by FACTS, the Academy can process the application and determine how best to help.

If my family is awarded any need based financial aid, how long do we have to decide what to do?

At the time the Academy makes a need based offer, the Academy will advise the family of the date by which a response is required. The family may request an extension, but it is important to understand that since the Academy utilizes rolling admissions, financial aid awards may expire to make those resources available to another family who can benefit from the Academy.

Can I use my VA529 savings account to help pay the tuition?

As of December 2017, families may use up to $10,000 of their VA529 savings towards private K-12 tuition. Interested parties should contact their local VA529 representative or visit their website for more information regarding the process. All questions pertaining to tax deductions and guidelines should be directed to your financial or tax advisors.

Do you offer any discounts for US military families?

Yes, Fork Union Military Academy is offering a $5,000 discount on tuition for new students entering the Academy in grades 7-12 with a parent or guardian serving on active duty/reserve component, or retired from the US military.

  1. Application for financial aid is required.
  2. Applicant must provide US military ID or discharge documentation (DD214).
  3. Applicant may be considered for additional need-based financial aid in addition to this tuition discount.
  4. Discount will be prorated for students entering at mid-year. 
  5. No discount will be applied to summer school or summer camps.
  6. Non-transferable, no cash value. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

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