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Academic Services

The Academic Program at Fork Union Military Academy is designed to provide our cadets the framework necessary to help them reach their God-given potential.  Vital to their success as students are teachers who are well-trained in their subject areas, most of whom hold advanced degrees and have years of teaching experience.  Our teachers are caring, conscientious and committed to the well-being of our cadets in and out of the classroom.  Other factors contributing to our students’ success are small class sizes that allow for individual attention, “Extra Help” periods held twice a week after the class day, and nightly homework sessions (known as Call to Quarters or “CQ”), which are held in the barracks.

In addition to the teaching faculty, an experienced team of academic support personnel is in place to help our students maximize their potential.  For students with learning issues, the Academy offers an additional layer of academic assistance through its Resource program.  Students enrolled in this program are taught learning strategies that benefit them in their core courses.  All  students benefit from the services of the Academy’s Department of College Counseling and Cadet Services.  Our counselors provide guidance and support through the course selection process, assisting students choose courses that are suited to their interests and ability levels.  Counselor/student conferences are held throughout the year to monitor each student’s progress on a plan of study that will ultimately lead to a high school diploma, propelling them on to the next level of their education – college.