125 for the 125th


The endowment is critical to both the immediate functioning and sustained viability of Fork Union Military Academy. Through a Board of Trustees approved spend rate the endowment provides annual support to areas such as scholarships for cadets, faculty and staff recognition and professional development, and funding for programs all over campus that benefit our Corps of Cadets.

A healthy endowment would also provide the Academy a reserve in any unexpected time of need, or should outside events have a potentially adverse impact upon our operations.

A gift to the endowment helps to ensure the long-term stability and success of Fork Union Military Academy.

Alumni look through copies of the Skirmisher yearbook.
An alumnus with a cadet of Fork Union Military Academy

Endowment Giving Opportunities

To qualify for campaign inclusion, gifts must be at least $12,500 and paid in either immediately available funds or through a commitment mechanism described by the Academy.

Gifts may be made to an existing Academy endowment account or to fund the creation of a new account, subject to applicable Academy Gift Policy parameters, including gift amount minimums.

All pledges are to be fulfilled or guaranteed through a written plan by the close of the campaign on October 15, 2025.

The 125 gifts for the 125th anniversary may support:



Established through the generosity of General John Chain, FUMA class of 1952, and his wife Judie, this fund may provide support to any aspect of Fork Union Military Academy, and is used at the discretion of Academy leadership.  A gift to the Chain Fund is an excellent way to help our endowment become even stronger.



A gift to one of the Academy’s existing accounts allows our donors to support their individual areas of passion.  The list of accounts is divided into three areas:

BODY - Scholarship support for both new and returning members of our Corps of Cadets.

MIND - Support for our faculty and staff in the form of professional development, and recognition of outstanding performance.

SPIRIT - Funding for our Chapel, as well as the programs and extra-curricular activities that make Cadet life memorable.


A list of current endowed scholarships

H M Sullivan Chair of Excellence for Prep Football

Ashby Chair of Excellence for the Chaplaincy

William Hitchcock Chair of Excellence for Social Studies

John J. Shuman Endowment for Postgraduate Football




Beginning a new endowment account allows a donor to have a personal impact on the Academy for generations.  New accounts are subject to the approval and funding requirements as set out in the Academy Gift Policy, and may be created by a single donor or group of donors.  New accounts may be set up in three areas:

BODY - Gifts that create new scholarships.

MIND - The establishment of named faculty and staff chairs of excellence to honor those who have influenced generations of students and created the international reputation of Fork Union Military Academy.

SPIRIT - The creation of a fund to support chapel needs, or a general extracurricular fund that would benefit the Band or any other non-athletic cadet activities and programs.

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