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What do you want for your son?


Parents simply want the best for their sons...

You want your son to be a good student, achieving at his highest potential.

You want him to develop his leadership skills


You want him to become a man of character and integrity, grounded in values. 

You want your son to learn traditional values. Christian values. American values.


We can help.

Fork Union is the kind of school you thought couldn't exist any more...

We have a system in which performance is honestly measured and success is celebrated.

We have an environment in which achievement is respected and peer pressure is a positive force.

We have one of the most diverse student bodies of any school in the nation, yet our cadets are bound together by bonds of understanding and friendship that are built on things that are real and strong and true.


Our cadets simply call it brotherhood.




Fork Union is truly unique...

When we say Fork Union Military Academy is "one of a kind" that statement is literally true.

See what it is that sets Fork Union apart from all other schools in the short video below...and then learn more about our unique One Subject Plan here.




Learn more today...

We encourage you to continue the conversation with us we both seek to determine whether Fork Union Military Academy is the right fit for your family.

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