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Students from Carson Long Military Academy (Carson Long Institute)...

The Fork Union Military Academy family has been saddened to learn that after many decades of service as a college preparatory boarding school, Carson Long Military Academy (also known as Carson Long Institute) will be ceasing operations in 2018. Established in 1836 as Bloomfield Academy, and later renamed Carson Long Military Academy, this school has been a part of the military school tradition in the United States and has a proud history of success. We are sorry that the hoped for arrangement with Valley Forge Military Academy has not worked out, and we know that many of you will be considering other schools such as Fishburne Military School and New York Military Academy. We encourage you to also consider Fork Union Military Academy.

We are here to help...

Attending Fork Union Military Academy may be a great choice for these current cadets to complete the education they began at Carson Long. We are committed to moving through the enrollment process efficiently, and we will do our best to match each family's documented financial arrangement with Carson Long, so that you may continue your military school education according to the same financial terms if at all possible. Any cadet officers and NCOs from Carson Long will be invited to our leadership training program

Please contact COL Steve Macek, our Vice President for Operations, directly so he can answer any questions you may have regarding enrollment and affordability. He can be reached by email at or you may call him on his cell phone directly at 804-887-9854. If you call or email, please let COL Macek know that you are a Carson Long family. We will work to seamlessly transition families into the life of our campus.

Keeping the military school tradition strong...

We at Fork Union have a history of helping keep the spirit of our former fellow military schools alive. Each year, for example, we honor the Greenbrier Military School with a special parade and welcome the alumni of that fine school to join us in celebration, even though that school, once one of our arch rivals in athletics, closed decades ago. One cadet is selected each year to wear a special green and white cord as the Greenbrier Cadet, an honor that is bestowed by the Alumni Association of the Greenbrier Military School, and a way in which we help keep the spirit of that school alive on our own campus.

Where there were once more than 100 military schools in the nation providing a college preparatory education, there now remains only a few more than two dozen. Fork Union Military Academy is proud to be one of the largest and leading examples of these, with a well-documented record of sending top quality students on to our nation's service academies and top universities. Our academic programs help our students earn admission to outstanding college programs, and our athletic programs help place student-athletes on some of the finest college teams in the nation. What we have done for thousands of students through the years, we would be proud and pleased to do for the Carson Long Military Academy family.

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