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Spanish III

Spanish III endeavors to provide the student with a comprehensive review of major grammatical topics—especially verb forms—and to assist him in reinforcing and expanding his ability to read and understand both spoken and written Spanish. Selected readings and accompanying audio CDs and CD-ROMs are employed to promote students’ confidence in the task of furthering comprehension.

Students enrolled in Spanish III will continue to use Spanish for meaningful communication on more sophisticated topics, and at a higher level of proficiency. The Spanish language program transitions the students from the use of language as it is used in every day real-life situations to using the language more in-depth in order to communicate with native speakers on a range of topics including literature, politics, and culture. The incorporation of a special project and will also be a component of this course. The Spanish III student will continue to develop sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic heritage of all groups associated with the Spanish language, understand their influence on American culture, and become prepared to participate in a society characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity.