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College Counseling & Scheduling

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Department of College Counseling and Cadet Services

Class Scheduling

A crucial role of the Department of College Counseling and Cadet Services is to work with cadets in the course scheduling process, ensuring that the courses assigned meet their academic needs, challenge them, and build an academic record that will ultimately help them to gain acceptance to the college or university of their choice.

College and Career Counseling

Another responsibility of the Department is to provide our cadets opportunities to learn about college and career options.

7th and 8th Grades

Beginning in the 7th and 8th grades, our counselors emphasize effective study skills and work with our cadets to develop habits that will encourage their academic success. Plans of study are developed to help our younger cadets begin to see how their course selections can open up opportunities for them. The counselors encourage our cadets to consider their interests as possible career paths are explored. College options are presented and discussed.

9th and 10th Grades

During their 9th and 10th grade years, cadets are encouraged to continue to explore their interests and strengths, with a focus on developing short-term and long-term goals on a path toward academic success. A challenging course load, including “Honors” classes, is encouraged to provide our cadets the foundation necessary on which to build a successful college experience. All of our 9th and 10th graders take the PSAT in preparation for the crucial standardized testing that takes place during their junior year.

11th and 12th Grades and Postgraduates

The 11th and 12th grade years and the post-graduate year are crucial as our counselors work closely with cadets through the college application process. During these years of high school, cadets are encouraged to register and take both the SAT and ACT. Many enroll in “Honors”, Advanced Placement, and/or Dual-Enrollment College courses. The counselors help these upper classmen investigate college options and assist in the college application process. The counselors and other support staff work closely with seniors and postgraduates in assisting with the actual application process in the goal of college acceptance for every cadet who desires to pursue post-secondary education.

For our postgraduate student-athletes hoping to pursue athletics at the college level, our coaches work with our Academic Department and our College Counseling Department to help schedule classes that will be compatible with maintaining their NCAA eligibility and help prepare them for the academic rigor required of successful student-athletes at the college level.

It is the intent of the Counseling staff to provide a range of helpful support to our cadets, all for the purposes of maximizing their experiences while here and for preparing them for life beyond the Academy.

Senior Seminar

Each 12th grade cadet will take part in a Senior Seminar course during his assigned seminar period for Terms 1 and 2. This course, which takes place in addition to the cadet’s One-Subject Plan course, is designed to help our 12th grade cadets achieve their post-secondary education/career goals. The course will include SAT and ACT preparation, college application essay preparation, advice on how to navigate the college application process, and continuous individual counseling on how cadets can successfully achieve their life’s goals post-FUMA. Students will receive academic credit for completion of this course. The main goals of the Senior Seminar are to:

1. Enable our Senior Advisor time to understand the individual post-secondary goals of each 12th grade cadet.

2. Improve ACT and SAT tests scores through test preparation.

3. Enable our 12th grade cadets to write an effective college application essay.

4. Enable our cadets to better navigate the college application process.

5. Provide relevant advice to those cadets seeking military service or immediate employment upon graduation.

Downloadable Documents

College Handbook

College Financial Aid and Scholarship Info

Preparation for Playing College Sports

Service Academy Info

2020-2021 Testing Dates

Study Skills Workshop (PowerPoint)

NCAA Eligibility Information

NAIA Eligibility Information

​Transcript Request Information

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The One Subject Plan

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There is one feature unique to Fork Union Military Academy that sets us apart from other schools. We have established an intensive-style approach to our curriculum. This approach—whereby cadets take just one core course at a time—has revolutionized our ability to empower students to achieve their highest levels of personal academic achievement.  

This academic innovation is called the One Subject Plan.


Section:  Academics

Packing List for New Cadets


All new cadets (boarding and day) will be required to purchase new uniform items. Used items will not be allowed. Fork Union Military Academy takes pride in the fact that the cadet uniforms are well tailored and properly fitted. In the event an incorrect size is issued, the cadet should return the item to the Supply center promptly so it can be inspected and replaced. Should the parent have a question concerning the cadet’s clothing, do not hesitate to contact the Quartermaster.

To avoid delays and ensure proper fit in issuing caps, it is strongly suggested that cadets report with a regulation haircut as specified on the Barbershop page.

With the large number of students at the Academy, it is hard for the Quartermaster’s Department to monitor individual purchases made by each cadet. If items are lost or damaged through neglect or carelessness, then they must be replaced by the cadet in a timely manner. We want to stress that there is a complete understanding on the part of the cadet that all items are handled with care and responsibility. We encourage parents to advise your cadet in advance of this important information. Please understand that if an item is lost or damaged, he will need to be accountable for replacing the uniform or clothing. Thank you for helping us with this communication.

Uniform Account (Mandatory)

This account is required for all cadets and will be charged as necessary to maintain proper uniform attire for each cadet. Parental authorization is not necessary for cadets to charge uniform items to this account.

Note: There are also charges for additional uniform articles such as insignia for cadet rank, ribbons, pins, patches, shoulder cords, etc. These charges will be applied to your Uniform Account as they arise.

Required Items

Because our issued uniform items are specific to Fork Union Military Academy by screen printing or embroidery, this list shows just those items that may be brought from home.

Returning cadets may find this list useful as well, but should also refer to the supply list for returning cadets.

Required Items for Uniform

All of the below (except athletic/casual shoes) may be purchased from the Supply Center and can be charged to your account should you choose not to bring them from home.

  • 1 Shoeshine Kit
  • 12 Pairs of Black Socks
  • 6 White Bath Towels
  • 6 White Washcloths
  • 6 White Handkerchiefs
  • 12 White Crew Neck T-Shirts
  • 12 White Undershorts (Quartermaster may only have limited sizes in briefs)
  • 1 Pair of Athletic/casual shoes (not available from Quartermaster)

Required Items for Barracks Room

  • Pillow
  • 20 Black Plastic Clothes Hangers
  • Toiletry Items – (Tissues, Body Wash, Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant, Razor, Shaving Cream, Lotions, etc.) No Aerosols please.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Window Cleaner, Broom and Dustpan, Paper Towels
  • School Supplies – Pens, Pencils, Notebook Paper, Notebook, 2-inch binder

Not Required – But Recommended

  • Dark Blue Blanket – no quilt or comforter
  • Small Clock Radio or Alarm Clock
  • Wrist Watch (Black, gold or silver)
  • Air Fresheners such as Febreeze – non aerosol
  • Writing Supplies – Envelopes, Stamps, Addresses
  • Phone Card – May be purchased from Quartermaster. Required for all outbound long-distance phone calls.
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Day Student FAQ

This page will be updated continually as new information becomes available so please check back frequently.

As we add and update questions and answers in this FAQ, we will mark which items have been added or updated within the past 14 days to make it easier for you to spot the newest content. Just look for the items marked NEW or UPDATED.


Who is the Primary Point of Contact for Day Student information? Who do parents contact with questions?

Your primary point of contact is the TAC Officer of your son's company.


Will there be some type of regular (weekly) communication with day student families?

Yes, there will be a weekly email to all cadet families with information and updates. Part of this weekly email will be dedicated to information of interest primarily to day student families.

Schedule / Check-In / Departure

When and where do day students report each school day morning?

Day students will report in each morning by 0715 hours at the main office of the Commandant's Department. There they will undergo a brief health screening, to include a symptom and temperature check. They will then report to the TAC Officer of their company.


When do day students depart campus at the end of the school day?

Day students will finish up their athletic participation by about 1730 hours. They will then be expected to report to their TAC Officer to receive any final instructions or updates for the following day. Prior to departing, they must then sign out in the main office of the Commandant's Department.


What if I need to drop my day student off earlier in the morning?

Day students who arrive early will report to the main office of the Commandant's Office as usual for their health screen. They may then either wait in the office or at another location as directed. They may join their company in the Estes Dining Hall during their scheduled breakfast time:

  • Alpha Company Breakfast—0615-0645
  • Bravo Company Breakfast—0630-0700
  • Charlie Company Breakfast—0715-0745
  • Delta Company Breakfast—0730-0800


What if I need to pickup my day student later in the evening?

Day students may either wait in the office or at another location as directed. As usual, they will need to sign out at the main office of the Commandant's Department before departing campus.


What is the process if he needs to be picked up early or arrive late due to a medical appointment?

If your day student needs to go to an appointment with his doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc. you simply need to contact our Infirmary at and communicate the appointment information. We prefer that such appointments take place after the class day if possible


What do I do if my son is sick and I need to keep him home?

In the event your son needs to stay home due to illness, you need to email to notify us of his absence.

A registered nurse from our Infirmary will follow up with you later that day to learn more about the circumstances of your son's illness.

If he needs to stay home longer than two days, you will need to provide medical documentation in order for his absence to be counted as an excused absence.


What is the Inclement Weather Policy for Day Students?

In the event of inclement weather, all day students are expected to attend class and should make arrangements with their respective TAC Officer to stay overnight if hazardous traveling conditions exist or are expected.

To be clear, day students at Fork Union Military Academy are NOT subject to the Fluvanna County school system's "snow day" delays or cancellations. They must be in class as expected.

If the forecast is predicting possible hazardous traveling conditions that would impact travel to FUMA, day students should make arrangements to stay on campus. For example, if the forecast is for severe weather for Monday travel, cadets should plan to report to campus on Sunday.

Read more of our Inclement Weather Policy for Day Students...


Uniforms / Laptops / Backpacks

I'm not sure that my day student got all of required uniform items. What do we do?

At the beginning of every year, there are many uniform items that may be delayed in being issued to students. This may include clothing items that need to be altered to size by our seamstress, or items which are back-ordered or have otherwise not yet arrived to our Hoffman Supply Center.

We make accomodations for students during the opening days of school who may be waiting to receive certain uniform items. You do not need to take any action on this until your cadet's TAC Officer or the Quartermaster tells him to report to the Hoffman Supply Center to pick up his uniform items.

If you have any issues or concerns and wish to bring these to the attention of MAJ Steve Wilson, our Quartermaster, you can reach him by email at


The uniform my cadet was issued doesn't fit. What do we do?

Occasionally there are some mistakes made in sizing each cadet and a young man may receive some uniform items that do not fit well. The cadet simply needs to report to the Hoffman Supply Center and let our Quartermaster know about the issue. Our Quartermaster will assist the cadet in obtaining uniform items that are a better fit.

We recommend you leave the tags on uniform items until you know whether or not they fit properly, so that they can be exchanged if needed.

If you have any issues or concerns and wish to bring these to the attention of MAJ Steve Wilson, our Quartermaster, you can reach him by email at


Are day students being issued black face masks to wear?

Yes, each day student should be issued two black face masks by the Quartermaster. He will be expected to have one to wear and to carry the extra face mask with him, either in a pocket or in his backpack. We recommend that our day student families wash these masks frequently. They can be washed with your regular laundry, in hot or warm water, with detergent, and then dried in the dryer.


Will day students receive laptops and backpacks?

Yes, each day student in grades 9-12 should report to the Perkins Technology Center to arrange for the issue of their laptop and backpack over the course of the first several days of school.

Middle school students, at the request of their teachers, will likely be receiving their laptops later than our high school students. They will still be able to pick up their backpack at the Perkins Technology Center. They will be told later when they should report back to the Perkins Technology Center to be issued a laptop.


Day Student Rooms / Storage

Will day students be assigned rooms in the barracks, as in years past, for storage of extra uniforms and belongings?

At the current time, day students are not being assigned rooms in the barracks. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as much as possible, we are assigning boarding students to single-occupancy rooms. So we currently are limiting barracks room assignments to our boarding students.

We recognize that this may produce some issues for day students regarding storage of extra clothing items, athletic gear, etc. Our current solution will be to have day students bring their extra gear in their mesh athletic bags and those will be stored during the class day in the lounge area in the Echo Wing. The barracks is locked down during the class day, and Echo Wing is home only to Battalion Staff members, so this should provide safe storage for these items during the day.

As conditions evolve, if we can open up more rooms in the barracks for day student use as we have done in years past, we certainly hope to do so.

We appreciate your patience as we work through some of these issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Is there a designated/appropriate place for him to go in the time between class and after school activities?

There is not a lot of free time in a cadet's schedule between class time and afternoon activities and athletics! We keep them pretty busy and active throughout the school day.

For those precious free time moments, there are a variety of places that are appropriate for a cadet to enjoy some relaxation. Cadets may spend time in the library, take a break at the Sarah Bronson Commons (a peaceful spot on campus), or take a seat on one of the dozens of park benches around Fraley Circle and the Fender Fountain areas. They can enjoy any area of the campus that is on-limits to them.

We are keeping Jacobson Hall barracks off-limits during the class day so we can encourage all cadets to get a lot of healthy fresh air and sunshine during this time.



How can I learn what classes my son is taking and how he is doing academically?

Fork Union Military Academy uses the PowerSchool Parents Portal to provide parents access to grades and schedule information online.

You will receive an email from our Perkins Technology Center with complete instructions for accessing your son's information in PowerSchool.

The URL to access PowerSchool is:

If you have any issues or questions in accessing your PowerSchool account, you may email our Perkins Technology Center at


Afternoon Activities and Athletics

What will my son be doing after class time ends in the afternoon?

The afternoon activities schedule depends on the day of the week.

Mondays and Wednesdays are "Drill Days." This means that in the time between the end of classes and the beginning of athletics, our cadets are engaged in training, drill, or other activities of the Corps of Cadets under the supervision of the Commandant's Department.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are "Non-Drill Days." On these days, cadets will be able to receive "Extra Help" assistance and tutoring from our faculty during the afternoon time prior to athletics practice.


What time does my son's athletic team practice (Fall Season)?

Athletics is a mandatory activity for all cadets. Each athletic team has a set practice schedule which should remain fairly consistent, though may be subject to occasional variation as determined by the coaches.

On Non-Drill Days (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays) the fall practice schedule is as follows:

  • PG Football: 1430 to 1700
  • PG Basketball: 1505 to 1700
  • Prep Football: 1445 to 1700
  • Soccer: 1450 to 1630
  • Cross Country: 1455 to 1630
  • Off-Season Sports & Middle Schoolers: 1500 to 1630


On Drill Days (Mondays & Wednesdays) the fall practice schedule is as follows:

  • PG Football: 1505 to 1700
  • PG Basketball: 1505 to 1700
  • Prep Football: 1505 to 1700
  • Soccer: 1510 to 1630
  • Cross Country: 1510 to 1630
  • Off-Season Sports & Middle Schoolers: 1515 to 1630



What are you doing about water for cadets to drink since fountains have been turned off?

We have turned off our water drinking fountains on campus due to COVID-19 restrictions. Each cadet is issued a personal canteen to use for hydration throughout the day. Our day students should bring their canteen with them each day, filled with water. They are permitted to carry the canteen in their backpack if wearing it on their belt is uncomfortable for sitting in some of our classroom school desks. The canteen can be refilled at a number of locations on campus as needed.


Do you have any specific COVID-19 guidance for day students?

We are working to provide as safe a "bubble" environment for our cadets as possible, especially during our first two weeks of school in August. We are enforcing strict distancing and mask wearing guidelines for all on campus, and we are restricting the movement of cadets off-campus during these opening days.

As part of this effort, we are asking day students not to travel to any other locations besides home, school, and work (if they have a job) during these first two weeks of school.

If we can maintain a safe "bubble" on campus for our boarding students for the next two weeks, then we will be a long way towards creating a safe environment for the next few months.

As for other recommendations, we urge you to review and follow the guidance from our Infirmary that we have posted on our website in our "Ready" page at

You can also view and download that PDF file from the Infirmary at this link.


Section:  Academics

7th and 8th Grades (Middle School)

Middle School

In order to assist our 7th and 8th graders with their transition to the One-Subject Plan, they are placed on a modified version of the program in order to help them properly adjust to the intensive-style study characteristic of the One-Subject Plan. Though the 7th and 8th grade programs are different in some respects, each has been designed to prepare Middle School cadets for the One-Subject Plan.


7th Grade Academic Program

Core Courses

Like the Upper School program, the 7th Grade is divided into five terms for core courses. During Terms 1 and 2, cadets take Humanities 7 and Math 7. During Terms 3 and 4, cadets will continue to take Humanities 7 but will take Science 7 instead of Math 7 as their second core course. In Term 5, 7th grade cadets switch to a modified version of the One-Subject Plan where they will take a Cultural Studies course to conclude the academic year. The goal of this course is to expose cadets to various world cultures, customs, religions, and economies and also includes a geography component.

*During the 2020-2021 Academic Year, 7th grade cadets will take the Cultural Studies course during Term 3 to better accommodate the planned distance learning scheduled to take place during the first three weeks of Term 3*

What About English and History?

The Humanities 7 course is taken with one instructor and combines elements of both English 7 and US History 7 into one course; however, students do receive separate grades for English and US History. The goal of this course is to link the two subjects in such a way that students feel as though they are in one, overarching Humanities course. In order to achieve this, the English portion of the curriculum is used to supplement the US History portion by incorporating age-appropriate, historical fiction novels in order to supplement discussions in American History. Likewise, much of the vocabulary and writing in the English portion of the course is driven by the history content.

 What About Elective/Seminar Courses?

7th graders will take exploratory seminar courses on a rotating basis throughout the academic year. Each day, 7th grade cadets will spend an hour in seminar courses, which rotate on a term-by-term basis. Though seminar options typically change on a year-to-year basis, current 7th grade seminars include Study Skills, Leadership, Music, Chorus, Art, and Yearbook.

8th Grade Academic Program

Terms 1 and 2

During Terms 1 and 2, cadets will take English 8 and Civics 8, rotating between two teachers throughout the day. Students will also take seminar/elective courses on a rotating basis during Terms 1 and 2, which may include but are not limited to Exercise Science, Leadership, Music, and Chorus.

Terms 3 through 5

During Terms 3-5, 8th grade cadets will fully transition to the One-Subject Plan with the rest of the Upper School, earning high school credit as they complete the remainder of their core courses for the year. One of the three terms will include a math course, typically Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1 depending on student need. A second term will include a science course in either Earth or Environmental Science. Finally, a third term can be used to take various freshman-level courses such as Western Civilization, English 9, Spanish or German 1, or an additional math or science course.


7th and 8th Grade Curriculum and Courses Descriptions

A listing of all of our courses including Electives along with the introductions from the curriculum for each course.

  7th Grade 8th Grade
Social Studies  
World Language    

Section:  Academics

9th-12th Grades & Postgraduate

9th-12th & Postgraduate Academics

Our Upper School serves boys in grades 9 through 12, and our postgraduates. We offer a thorough program of academic classes, athletics, and extracurricular activities. The Upper School follows a unique curriculum plan known as the One Subject Plan.

One-Subject Plan

Fork Union Military Academy follows a unique curriculum schedule in our Upper School (grades 9-12 and postgraduate). It is called the One Subject Plan.

Instead of juggling 4 to 6 classes every day, our cadets take one subject at a time.

The year is divided into five grading periods of about 7 weeks each. Each grading period, the cadet takes one class. He is with that one teacher all day, every day, for about 7 weeks.

Please click here for more information on the One-Subject Plan.


Honors, Advanced Placement, And Dual Enrollment Programs

The Academy offers opportunity for enriched learning experiences for all students. 

The following courses are offered for Honors credit:

  • English 9, 10, 11
  • Algebra I and II
  • Geometry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Western Civilization
  • Spanish I, II, III
  • Computer Science
  • Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry

The following courses are offered for Advanced Placement credit:

  • Calculus AB and BC
  • Environmental Science
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • U.S. Government
  • Comparative Government
  • Micro Economics.

The following Dual Enrollment college courses are offered.

  • College-level English
  • International Relations
  • Religion
  • U.S. History
  • Spanish

Successful completion of these dual enrollment college courses results in the assignment of both high school and college credit.  


Postgraduate Program

Young men who have already graduated from high school, but who would like more preparation for college, or who may need to improve their SAT, ACT, or other standardized test scores to gain entrance to the college of their choice, have found our postgraduate program extremely helpful. During their year in the Corps of Cadets, postgraduates get far more than the intense focus on improving their academic and testing skills.

The military organization and structured daily life help them learn or improve the qualities of leadership, discipline, and self reliance that may not be available in other schools. The rural location and relative freedom from peer distractions afford the postgraduate student a new perspective from which to assess himself and his future.

Postgraduate students are integrated into the Upper School Corps of Cadets; however, for our postgraduate athletes, their football and basketball teams compete separately from our high school teams.

Those who pursue athletic goals find themselves in the "best of all possible worlds" here. Fork Union Military Academy offers first class facilities and coaching in all varsity sports. Our coaching staff is well known among all colleges and universities in the United States. Scouts from major universities visit the school and attend our games frequently. They have learned that Fork Union's coaches have "the eye" for talent and a gift for developing it in young athletes.



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Cadet Life

Tags:  Cadet Life Core Values

The Academy's student body is organized as a Corps of Cadet, and is divided into five companies: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo.

  • Cadet officers provide leadership within the Cadet Corps.
  • Each company has a Company Commander and a few other cadet officers who assist him.
  • The companies are divided into platoons of perhaps ten or twenty cadets with their own platoon leaders.
  • These platoons are then further divided into squads of a few cadets that are led by a squad leader.

The five companies of the Corps of Cadets together form a battalion. A Battalion Staff comprised of the Corps' top cadets lead the battalion, headed by the Battalion Commander, who is the highest ranking cadets in the Corps of Cadets.

Cadets typically share a rather Spartan room where they study, relax, and sleep. For many this is the first time they have been away from home for an extended period or had to share a bedroom. The routine of class, physical activity, military training, and study establishes a routine that varies little from day to day. Cadets are responsible for cleaning their room, shining their shoes, and taking care of their clothes and personal belongings.

The Academy has an enforced study time each day in which all other activity on campus stops. This serves to impart upon the cadets the extreme importance of scholarship, and helps them develop effective study behavior. This study time is called "CQ" which stands for "Call to Quarters."

Every cadet participates in military drill training that helps them learn teamwork and cooperation. Great emphasis is placed on visibly rewarding personal accomplishments. However, clear punishments, usually in the form of demerits and loss of privileges, follow if cadets fail to do what is expected of them. Cadets who receive demerits are required to perform Extra Duty (ED), which usually means marching during what would otherwise be their free time. 

Our Core Values


We respect ourselves, others, and the resources around us. We treat each other with fairness, dignity, and compassion. This creates trust, confidence, learning, and high performance. We value diversity and encourage individual opportunity, growth, and creativity. We are a team.


Integrity is synonymous with truth and honesty. We mean what we say, and say what we mean. When we make a promise, we do so in the presence of God. We always tell the truth, and are people of our word.


Faith means to have complete trust. We acknowledge that God provides opportunities for us to have a positive impact on the world. We know we are on this Earth to serve Him. The world revolves around God; it does not revolve around any one of us. We focus on serving others.


Reputation is defined by our character. We live lives guided by our conscience, and directed by respect, integrity, and Christian values. We demonstrate our character every day, and always strive to do what is right. We support others as they do the same. We reflect our God.


We create positive habits of thought, speech, and action through deliberate practice. We maintain high standards. Learning discipline allows us to improve, achieve our goals, cooperate with others, and thrive in adversity. Freedom comes through discipline.

Section:  Academics

Cadet Activities and Clubs

There is something for everyone at Fork Union Military Academy. Clubs, organizations and weekend activities are all part of the student life experience. There are over 30 clubs and organizations that provide our students an outlet to enjoy their interests and hobbies, or an opportunity to explore and find a new one.

On weekends cadets can enjoy activities on and off campus. On campus, they can work-out, play basketball or swim in our indoor pool in the Estes Athletic Center. We have organized dodgeball, volleyball, laser tag and NERF Wars in the athletic center as well. Other on campus activities include disc golf, camping and fishing at Pruitt Lake.

The student Social Center in Vaughn Hall offers pool, ping-pong, air hockey, and arcade games. The center also has a movie theater, private gaming rooms, a music and chess room, and a concessions area.

Off campus activities include mixers/dances at girls’ schools, bowling, hiking, skiing, movies, restaurants and shopping trips. 

We host several annual Special Events each year that include a Fall Lawn Party, Lunar New Year Celebration for our international cadets, an International Festival, Eagle Eyrie middle school retreat, Halloween Party, and the Military Ball.    

There are many clubs and activities for boys at Fork Union

Fork Union Military Academy offers many clubs and activities for cadets to enjoy. Some of these include:

  • Academic Team
  • Boy Scouts of America & Merit Badge
  • Chess Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Debate Team/Club
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
  • Fishing Club
  • Interact Club (Community Service)
  • Judo Club
  • Mentorship Club
  • Middle School LEGO League/Robotics
  • Music Club
  • Quadrille Club (Student Activities)
  • Retan "Raiders" Club
  • Scale Modeling Club
  • SCUBA Club
  • Sports Information Club
  • Sports Medicine Club
  • Table Tennis Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Woodworking Club
  • Yearbook Club
Section:  Academics



Educators have long recognized that the structure of a military-style environment can provide young men an essential grounding for success in the classroom, and in life. In such an environment, young men develop self-discipline, responsibility, and pride in their work, in their appearance, and in themselves.

Many of the features that lead to our success cannot be emulated in the public school setting or even in most private day school settings.

As a private school, we structure our curriculum, such as our unique One Subject Plan for the Upper School, to meet the needs of our cadets. We preserve our single-sex environment to remove social distractions that come with a coeducational school. We acknowledge and honor the Christian values that provide the moral compass for our daily lives.

Fork Union Military Academy offers a comprehensive college preparatory program for boys in grades 7 through 12, as well as recent high school graduates seeking a one-year postgraduate program to better prepare for the college of their choice.

Supervised Study

One of our keys to producing academic success is scheduled supervised study time each Sunday through Thursday evening. For approximately two hours each school night, we require all cadets to be at their desks in their rooms, focused on their studies. We call this study time CQ, which is shorthand for the command "Call to Quarters."

CQ instills good study habits that are essential to succeeding in the classroom, both here and at college. Cadets learn what they can accomplish in their lives when they focus.

Talking, eating, playing music, watching television, and visiting other cadets' rooms are not allowed during CQ. Faculty members share supervisory duties to make sure that all cadets observe these CQ restrictions and spend their time actively studying.

Grading Scale

In June 2019 we restructured our grading scale to ensure that our cadets are competing on a level playing field with college applicants from both the public and private sector. Likewise, as a college-preparatory school, we felt it was necessary to align ourselves with the standards set by institutions of higher education. After much research, we implemented the following 10-point grading scale and quality scale, which is closely aligned with the standards set by many of Virginia’s finest colleges and universities.

    Regular (Honors) Quality Points
A+ 100-97 4.3 (5.0)
A 96-94 4.0 (4.7)
A- 93-90 3.7 (4.3)
B+ 87-89 3.3 (4.0)
B 84-86 3.0 (3.7)
B- 80-83 2.7 (3.3)
C+ 77-79 2.3
C 74-76 2.0
C- 70-73 1.7
D+ 67-69 1.3
D 64-66 1.0
D- 60-63 0.7
F 59-Below 0

Honor Roll, Dean’s List, and President’s List

Honor Roll: At the end of each term, each cadet with a B- or better in his One-Subject Plan class will be named to the Honor Roll for that term.

Dean’s List: An end of the year award, the Dean’s List recognizes cadets earning a B- or better in all One-Subject Plan courses and Seminar courses for the entire school year.

President’s List: An end of the year award, President’s list recognizes cadets earning an A- or better in all One-Subject Plan courses and Seminar courses for the entire school year.

Section:  Academics
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