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Registration and Check-In for New and Returning Cadets

Friday, July 19, 2019


The new academic year is fast approaching and we are all making preparations to enjoy an outstanding year!

What day do I check in?

August 12 8:00 AM—Cadet Leadership Training (by invitation, report in Summer PT Uniform)

August 12 8:00 AM—Prep Football

August 12 8:00 AM—Prep Soccer

August 13 9:00 AM—Postgraduate Football

August 19 8:00 AM—New Cadets (those not participating in football or soccer)

August 20 9:00 AM—Returning Cadets (Please report in Summer PT Uniform with a regulation haircut)

Where do we check in?

Unless otherwise notified, all students and their families should start the check-in process in the Estes Dining Hall, building #16 on the campus map below.

(View larger campus map)

Can you help us with transportation to campus from the airport, train station, or bus terminal?

Mrs. Robbin Dodson in our Commandant's Department is available to assist you in arranging ground transportation from the area's airports, train stations, and bus terminals. We provide these services, at additional cost, for our check-in days as well as our major leaves throughout the year. Please contact Mrs. Dodson by email at or by phone at 434.842.4231 to arrange transportation. You may learn more about fees for ground transportation provided by Fork Union Military Academy on the Commandant's Department page of our website

What do we need to bring with us?

There are two kinds of items you need to bring with you on check-in day. The first are items you will need in order to register your student. The second are items of clothing, toiletries, and personal items your cadet will need to bring as a boarding student.

To prepare for registration you should bring the following items. Some of these documents can be mailed or faxed to the school in advance of registration, but you should also bring physical copies with you on registration day:

Health Forms and Physical Information

  • All students are required to have an up-to-date health form and physical on file with our infirmary at the time of registration. Your student will not be allowed to remain on campus without these documents. Please make sure you have all of these documents in order prior to arriving on campus. We recommend that you bring copies of any forms that were mailed or faxed to the infirmary in advance of your registration. You can download a copy of the health form that needs to be completed from our website.
  • Part of the health form must be completed and signed by the student's physician and includes the results of a physical examination completed within the past year. If your physician provides a different form, there must be documentation stating that they are cleared for all physical activity. Your cadet cannot check-in without this information.
  • The health form also requires a complete record of immunizations. These immunizations are required by the Virginia Department of Health and may be different from the immunizations required by the student's previous school. A complete list of required immunizations is found in the health form.
  • One of the requirements is a tuberculosis skin test completed within the past year. This is an annual requirement and must be completed before the student will be allowed to remain on campus. This test, also known as a PPD test, is done by making a small injection into the top layer of skin on the inside of the forearm. The skin test reaction must then be examined and read by a medical professional two days later. While this test can be administered in our infirmary on check-in day, it will take additional time and will cost $50.00 for the test. You can have this test performed by your physician's office in advance of check-in and it will most likely be covered by your insurance and you will save time on your student's check-in day if you have completed this test in advance.
  • You will need to bring your cadet's health care card showing his health insurance coverage. All cadets are required to have health insurance coverage purchased from a US-based company while attending Fork Union Military Academy.
  • If your cadet is an international student, you will be required to purchase a policy that covers him while at FUMA. Information on the International Health Care insurance coverage available while at FUMA is available on our website.
  • If you have questions, please contact our Infirmary at 434-842-4310 or by email at More information is available on our website's page for the Infirmary.

Concussion Policy and Action Plan

During check-in at the Yeatman Infirmary, you will be asked to sign a form acknowledging that you have read and are familiar with Fork Union Military Academy's Concussion Policy. We recommend that you download and read the policy statement prior to your arrival to speed the process of your check-in. Your cadet will not be able to participate in any athletic events without a signed copy of this form on file in the Infirmary. You can find the Concussion Policy and Action Plan on the Health Services / Infirmary page of the website.

Official Transcript

Students who are registering for the first time at Fork Union Military Academy should bring an original copy of their most current official school transcript to registration. If you have questions regarding this, please contact our guidance office at 434-842-4203 or email our Director of College Counseling and Cadet Services, COL John DeVault, at

Payment Information

All student accounts must enroll in FACTS Tuition Management. This is how you will submit monthly payments and receive your monthly billing statements.

You may register at this link:

Your account with FACTS tuition Management must be set up prior to your arrival on check-in day.

If this is not set up prior to your arrival for check-in, you will be required to complete a paper agreement and provide a voided check at registration. Credit cards will not be accepted with the paper FACTS agreement at check-in.

If you have questions regarding this, please contact Kayla Spillman in our business office at 434-842-4332 or by email at

Personal Items

There are also certain items of clothing, toiletries, and personal effects that you should bring for your boarding cadet.

School Supplies

You may wish to bring standard school supplies (pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, etc.). We do not provide a detailed list of required school supplies, as the items needed for any specific classes may differ. Most needed supplies are available in the Quartermaster's Office.

Does my son need to have a haircut?

All cadets are required to have a regulation military-style haircut and be clean-shaven at all times.

If you wish to save time on check-in day, we recommend that your cadet arrive on campus with a regulation haircut, as described here on our barber shop page.

Our barber shop will be open on check-in days and our barber will be available to give a regulation haircut to arriving cadets. All barber fees for our barber shop are included in the cost of tuition.

What will happen on check-in day?

On the day you arrive on campus, you will start the registration process in the Dorothy Thomas Estes Dining Hall. You will proceed in an orderly process through a series of stations in the dining hall where you will get name tags, a registration check sheet, maps of campus, and meet briefly with the business office staff to confirm payment arrangements. You will also speak briefly with staff from our Guidance Office, the Parent's Association, and our athletic department's NCAA Compliance coordinator, and get your mailbox assignment.

From the dining hall you will continue on to other campus buildings to check in with the Infirmary to confirm all health forms are in order, get barracks room assignments, check in with our technology center regarding laptops, meet with our athletic trainer to complete a required concussion screening test, get a haircut at the barber shop if needed, and then pick up uniforms and supplies from the Quartermaster.

After this whirlwind and active tour of the campus, you will report to the Jacobson Hall barracks and unpack.

After lunch, a brief mandatory orientation meeting will be held for parents and cadets. Following this orientation meeting, you will have an opportunity to say your goodbyes and then parents and family will depart.

The check-in process is relatively quick and orderly, but you may encounter lines at various locations as we process in all of our cadets, so we recommend you wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for a bit of walking around our central campus.

Do international students need to contact someone before check-in?

Please contact Mrs. Jackie Montero-Sharpe, our Director of International Enrollment, at or by phone at 434.842.4202 as soon as possible to confirm that all required paperwork is in order. Please send Mrs. Montero-Sharpe your flight details and arrival time to campus by August 7th.

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Feel free to call or email our Admissions Office ( or 434-842-4205) if you have any questions prior to your check-in day.

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