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Ready for Hurricane Florence

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Ready for Hurricane Florence

Our staff and faculty at Fork Union Military Academy are staying informed of weather forecasts and we are preparing for Hurricane Florence.

Hurricane Preparations

Over the past century, Fork Union Military Academy has dealt with many such storms and are well-drilled in dealing with potentially destructive weather conditions. Fork Union is not located within a hurricane or evacuation zone and is not in a flood plain or low-lying area. The primary problems experienced on campus with such storms is the potential for loss of power due to high winds and heavy rains.

Monitoring the Storm’s Path

As it stands now, Fork Union is expected only to receive additional rains and winds similar to those experienced with our usual powerful summer thunderstorms.

In 2003, the campus took a direct hit from the powerful Hurricane Isabel, leaving the campus without external power supply for a period of days. Life on campus continued in a remarkably normal manner, and classes continued to meet as scheduled.

Prepared for Power Loss

The campus has onsite generators to keep electricity flowing to critical infrastructure, and maintenance staff keep a close eye on tree limbs that need to be removed and other potential hazards in advance of predicted high winds.

Jacobson Hall, the new Upper School barracks, was constructed with a building generator capable of powering the entire building, with full service to the first floor and all bathroom facilities, and emergency lighting and service to the upper floors.

Larry McIlnay, Director of Food Services, has ordered in extra supplies of bottled water, canned goods, and topped off the fuel tanks for the generators.

Keep an Eye on the Campus

You can keep an eye on weather conditions on campus with the Skyline Network weathercam we have mounted high atop Hatcher Hall for use by our local television stations. You can see the view looking almost due west from the top of our central administration building, and see current temperatures, wind speeds, and precipitation levels at

We’ll keep you posted

If anything significant changes – we’ll keep you posted.

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