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Supervised Study

One of our keys to producing academic success is scheduled supervised study time each Sunday through Thursday evening. For approximately two hours each school night, we require all students to be at their desks in their rooms, focused on their studies. We call this study time CQ, which is shorthand for the command "Call to Quarters."

Talking, eating, playing music, watching television, and visiting other cadets' rooms are not allowed during CQ. Faculty members share supervisory duties to make sure that all cadets observe these CQ restrictions and spend their time actively studying.

Cadets who need tutoring or help with specific assignments can make use of "Peer Study" sessions that allow cadets to work together, under supervision. Cadets in honors or advanced placement courses are allowed additional evening study time to complete their more demanding assignments.

The CQ study period helps instill good study habits that are essential to learning and succeeding in the classroom, both here and at college. Students learn what they can accomplish in their lives when they focus.




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