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An Update for Parents - February 19, 2021

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Friday, February 19, 2021


Term 4 Course Changes

At this time-and for various reasons-we can no longer field requests for Term 4 course changes. Should you have any questions regarding your cadet's Term 5 course, please reach out to his scheduling advisor. However, please understand that even changes for Term 5 may prove difficult due to COVID protocols and the inflexibility of the master course schedule this late in the academic year. Please access the link below should you have any questions about who has been assigned as your cadet's scheduling advisor. You may also contact your scheduling advisor with any questions concerning the seminar courses discussed in Tuesday's brief.

Trouble with Technology?

Should your cadet have any issues with technology throughout the two-week distance learning period, the first point of contact should be his instructor. First and foremost, this serves to notify the instructor that technology issues are occurring and may prove to hinder a cadet's ability to complete work on time. Second, it gives the instructor the ability to troubleshoot the issue on the spot. In the event that your cadet's instructor cannot assist with the issue, please send an email to, and our wonderful technology team in Perkins Technology Center (PTC) will be glad to assist you. Below, I have provided some general rules as it relates to technology.

At-Home Technology:

Cadets do not need FUMA-issued laptops to login and have access to their Office 365 and Schoology accounts. Both are web-based apps that can be accessed via the web on most forms of at-home technology that may be available to your cadet. Schoology can be accessed using the link provided in the subsequent section. Office 365 can be accessed via the link below. Please note that logging into Office 365 gives cadets the ability to access the various Microsoft apps using at-home technology. This list includes but is not limited to the following: Outlook (email), Teams, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Forms-the last of which is used to complete the daily check-in.


Schoology should always be accessed via the hyperlink below. If your cadet is already signed into his Office 365 account, he will automatically be signed into his Schoology account when he uses the link below to access Schoology. No additional login or password will be required.


PowerSchool remains our official means for storing and logging cadet grades. During the two-week virtual period, you should continue to monitor your cadet's progress in PowerSchool. Should you need login credentials for the parent portal, please contact

Vista Higher Learning (VHL):

As discussed yesterday, cadets currently enrolled in Spanish courses will be completing much of their course work through VHL. Any technology issues concerning VHL should be directly addressed with your cadet's Spanish teacher.

Computer Hardware:

Should your cadet have any hardware issues throughout the two-week distance learning period that might prevent him from completing work, please immediately contact This process may involve shipping your cadet a loaner laptop, so the sooner someone in PTC is aware of the issue, the sooner we can work towards coming to a resolution.

Login Credentials:

At any point, should you or your cadet need assistance with login credentials for PowerSchool, Schoology, or Office 365, please contact Any cadet currently enrolled in Spanish who experiences issues with login credentials concerning VHL should contact his instructor.


Best regards,

COL Mike Goad
Academic Dean
Fork Union Military Academy






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