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An Update for Parents - February 17, 2021

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Seminar Courses, Test Prep, and Resource

For the first time, we will be offering many of our various seminar courses via distance learning (with two exceptions). Below, I have provided information regarding each seminar course offering. If you have questions about your cadet's enrollment in one of these courses, please reach out to his scheduling advisor and/or the teacher assigned to each course (listed below). Seminar courses will only take place Monday-Thursday and will also operate asynchronously. As noted in yesterday's brief, the daily check-in for each cadet's one-subject plan course will ask him to acknowledge (if applicable) that he is enrolled in a seminar course, thus effectively registering his attendance for his seminar course that day. However, seminar course instructors may ask cadets to complete an alternate check-in. Should this be the case, his instructor will communicate this.

  1. Health (Colonel Brown): Cadets currently enrolled in Health should check their email next Monday for more instructions from Colonel Brown. Please reach out to Colonel Brown via email with any questions.
  2. Religion (Chaplain Benson): Cadets currently enrolled in Religion should be actively checking their email for information regarding the first round of Religion response essays, which will be submitted through Schoology on Thursday, March 4th. Questions regarding religion should be directed towards Chaplain Benson via email.
  3. Leadership (Captain Wilson): Cadets enrolled in Leadership should check Schoology and/or email for more information regarding Leadership. Leadership began virtually on Tuesday, February 9th, and will continue through the end of the two-week virtual period. Any questions regarding leadership should be directed towards Captain Wilson via email.
  4. Art (Mrs. Jones): Cadets enrolled in Art will have work to complete over the two-week distance learning period. While Mrs. Jones has already spoken with many of her Art cadets regarding expectations, should you or your cadet have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Jones via email.
  5. Music Seminars (Captain Signor): No music-related seminars (Upper or Middle School) will be held during the two-week distance learning period. Any questions regarding the music program may be directed to Captain Signor via email.
  6. Test Prep (Mrs. Beaulieu): At this time, Mrs. Beaulieu has already relayed her plans for Test Prep via email to both parents and cadets. If your cadet is a Junior who has signed up and paid for Test Prep, please check your email for instructions from Mrs. Beaulieu. Please contact her via email with any questions.
  7. Resources (Mrs. Hill): Mrs. Hill will be holding virtual Resource hours during the two-week distance learning period. Cadets enrolled in Resource should check their email over the course of this week and into Monday for more information regarding virtual Resource hours. Any questions regarding Resource should be directed towards Mrs. Hill via email.
  8. 7th Grade Seminars: 7th-grade seminar courses will not meet virtually. Term 4 seminars for 7th-grade cadets will resume in-person on March 8th.


Please see the tables below for relevant contact information concerning seminar instructors, as well as general information about which cadets are typically enrolled in the aforementioned seminar courses at this time.

Contact Information - Seminar Instructors

# Instructor Seminar Course Email
1 COL Brown Health
2 Chaplain Benson Religion
3 CPT Wilson Leadership
4 Mrs. Jones Art
5 CPT Signor Music
6 Mrs. Beaulieu Test Prep
7 Mrs. Hill Resource


General Enrollment Trends - Seminar Courses

# Instructor Seminar Course General Enrollment Trends
1 COL Brown Health Mostly 9th Grade (last names N-Z)
2 Chaplain Benson Religion Mostly 10th Grade (last names N-Z) & First-Year Seniors 
3 CPT Wilson Leadership Mostly 11th Grade (last names N-Z)
4 Mrs. Jones Art Mixed - No Trend
5 CPT Signor Music Mixed - No Trend
6 Mrs. Beaulieu Test Prep 11th Grade Only (those who signed up and paid for Test Prep)
7 Mrs. Hill Resource Mixed - No Trend (only those currently paying for Resource)


Please note that the above enrollment trends are listed as a general rule. There are exceptions to these rules. Should you have any questions about your cadet's enrollment in any of these seminar courses (especially those with noticeable trends), please contact his scheduling advisor. The list of scheduling advisors (along with their contact information) can be found by accessing the link below:


In our next email this week...

  • In our next email this week, we will review expectations for 7th-grade cadets who are currently enrolled in two core courses.
  • We will also address expectations for students currently enrolled in Spanish courses.

Best regards,

COL Mike Goad
Academic Dean
Fork Union Military Academy






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