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Senior Miles Mayfield Spearheads Fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer

Friday, April 16, 2021


On Thursday, April 15, senior Miles Mayfield teamed up with MAJ Gary Leydig, Alpha Company's TAC officer, and organized a fundraiser to support the University of Virginia's Pediatric Cancer Program. Mayfield and Leydig campaigned throughout campus and on social media this week to help raise funds and capped off their fundraiser by shaving their heads with the help of Fork Union's barber Regina Delman in front of their friends, classmates and colleagues on Fraley Circle. Together they raised over $1,525.

Mayfield was inspired and influenced by his mother, Dr. Robin Mayfield, who works in the medical field, and learned about the idea of shaving his head from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' "Cut for a Cure Charity Challenge." 

When asked about what it meant to him that his fellow cadets donated to the cause, Mayfield said: "It truly means a lot! It shows that the cadets are eager to help the community. I hope that this will become a FUMA tradition." 

The timing of his hair cut did not come conveniently, but Mayfield hopes it will grow back a little before his graduation pictures. "I wouldn’t say I chose this time exactly, but there is never a bad time to give," Mayfield said. "Hopefully, my hair will grow a little before graduation, but I'm not worried about it too much. I might have to wear beanies all summer though," he laughed. 

Mayfield is a senior from Brookline, Mass., and has been enrolled at the Academy since the seventh grade. Life at Fork Union Military Academy was hard for Mayfield at first but is thankful for his time here. 

"There are no handouts at Fork Union, it was hard for me at first, however Fork Union really implemented a strong work ethic in me," said Mayfield. "I would say that that is the greatest thing FUMA has given me. I am pretty confident that without Fork Union, I would have struggled in high school and wouldn’t have gotten me into college." 

Mayfield plans to attend Morehouse College and major in finance this fall. 


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