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Parent Update: September 17

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Friday, September 17, 2021


September 17, 2021

This weekend marks the first official leave weekend

* Please remember to contact Activities Coordinator BJ York ( for any transportation needs and requests * Mrs. Amy Reese does not cover cadet transportation needs.*

For a cadet to be eligible to go on leave, a parent must have submitted a Leave Request in the Orah Parent Portal at least a day prior to the day of leaving. Fork Union recommends at least four days in advance.


  • Requests are submitted through Orah, when conducting their Leave Requests.
  • When filling out a leave request(s), parents/guardians will be asked if Cadets are departing via Car (requiring the name of the driver) or FUMA Transport (requiring the location of where the transport is needed to travel too).
  • Parent’s/Guardian’s requesting FUMA transportations need to allow at least 96 hours (4-days) notice to source their driver.
  • Drivers are on a first come first serve bases, we do not have enough drivers to take every student somewhere different on a regular leave weekend.
  • Major Leaves are the only times we offer the shuttle services and are prepared to take every student to a location, if needed (as all students must depart campus).

Leave/Day Pass:

  • Leave requests typically begin after classes dismiss (typically at 2 pm).
  • Leave requests end at 7 pm the night before the next class day (i.e., if Monday is a class day, leave ends at 7 pm Sunday).
  • Leave requests are reviewed by the TAC Officers; questions or concerns need to be addressed to their students Company TAC Officer, via email or phone.
  • TAC Officers grant conditional approvals, meaning that if the student clears all sports and extra duty requirements, their leave is approved.
  • Coaches have been informed they can request a special leave weekend (via the Commandant) that will not impact their sports requirements, for cadets that are not able to depart on a regular leave weekend due to sports commitment.
  • Day Passes are only authorized once a week (i.e., if you go on Day Pass Saturday, you forfeit Sunday; vice versa).
  • Leave requests that will have a cadet miss class must be endorsed by the teacher and academic dean, which can delay the leave request approval.
  • Leave requests that are requesting transportation must be endorsed by the Activities Coordinator, which can delay the leave request approval.

There are the following types of leave requests:

  • Regular Leave – Posted on our Calendar for specific weekends
  • Special Leave – Leave granted outside of the posted schedule (event or sport commitment related)
  • College Visit – Leave to tour a college campus/ground – Requires endorsement from the college/university
  • Medical Leave – Leave that is required to attend a medical/dental appointment (overnight)
  • Emergency Leave – Leave taken in response to a family or other emergency situation

For this weekend:

  • All cadets approved to go on leave/day pass should wear the proper leave uniform ordered by the Commandant as they depart campus and return to campus.
  • All cadets going on Day Pass on Saturday should return by 9:00 pm. All cadets going on Leave should return by 7:00 pm on Sunday.
  • All cadets participating in the cross country, prep football and postgraduate football events are eligible for leave/day pass AFTER their athletic event.
  • Parents and fans are welcome at all three athletic events: the Fork Union Cross Country Invitational, Prep Football Game and Postgraduate Football Game. Please visit the athletic website for all event details.

Fork Union to host is annual College Fair

Fork Union Military Academy set to host its annual College Fair on Thursday, September 23 at 1 pm to 2 pm in the Estes Athletic Center. Cadets in grades 9th thru PG will attend the fair with over 40 universities in attendance.

Do you want to schedule Senior Portraits?

It is time to schedule your sons' senior portraits! We are pleased to be able to recommend Kristin Firewicz Studios to our cadet families. Kristin is a professional photographer contracted by the Academy to take campus photos throughout the year and has been specializing in high school senior photography for 10 years. Kristin is local to Fork Union and her son attends the Academy. For more information regarding booking your son's senior session, please visit the website below for special FUMA rates:

Kristin Firewicz Studios

Remember to always check the School Calendar for more information throughout the next few weeks.



Best regards, 

Kelly Barnette

Director of Communications
Fork Union Military Academy




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