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Parent Update for Prep Football Players

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Friday, August 6, 2021


August 6, 2021

Check-In Information for Prep Football Players

On Tuesday, August 10, Fork Union Military Academy will welcome all cadets interested in playing Prep Football (High School Football at the Varsity Level) this season. The Academy encourages any cadet in the grades 9th-12th to check-in on August 10 for Prep Football Preseason. Cadets in the 7th & 8th grades should wait to join football on the first day of class and should check-in with New Cadets (August 10) or Returning Cadets (August 16). 

  • Preseason camp for Prep and Junior Prep Football begins with check-in on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, at 9:00 AM. Pre-season camp is strongly emphasized for football players entering grades 9th-12th. 
  • This check-in will serve as your check-in for school as well as football. 
  • All old cadets must report to campus in FUMA athletic grey shirt and blue shorts.
  • New cadets should report in business casual dress.
  • If you would like to speed up your check-in process, please arrive to campus with a regulation haircut. There is a new haircut regulation: The Hair will be neat and closely trimmed. Hair will be kept 1 inch or less on top. The sides will be tapered/faded all the way around the head. No block lines and no temple tapers are allowed. Hard parts are not authorized.
  • Players will receive 5-7 pairs of athletics upon arrival at FUMA, as well as other clothing from the Quartermaster during the week. Water and Gatorade will be provided by FUMA during practice, but you may bring your own, as well, to keep in your room. We strongly advise that you NOT bring sugary or fatty snacks and dairy products. Cereal bars and healthy snacks are encouraged. Meals will be provided in the dining hall throughout camp.
  • What to bring (and please label with your name):
    • at least one pair of cleats
    • three or four spandex/compression shorts
    • two or three 5-pocket football girdles, padded girdles are emphasized, to help with football pads as well
    • one or two pairs of running shoes
    • athletic socks
    • any other football gear you desire, must be the Under Armour brand. 
    • everything you will need for school, such as toiletries, any medications (give to the infirmary at check-in), notepads, binders, pencils, etc. 

If you have further questions about any of the above, please call Head Coach Mark Shuman at 434-842-4206 or email hime at


Best regards, 

Kelly Barnette

Director of Communications
Fork Union Military Academy





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