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Parent Update for March 1, 2021

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Monday, March 1, 2021


Transportation Information

Travel plans for boarding cadets returning to campus on March 7, 2021 should be submitted through Boardingware to the Commandant's Department no later than today.

You can find important information on our website about:

FUMA Shuttle Transportation
Private Hire Transportation
Escort for Unaccompanied Minors

We encourage you to read this information and direct any questions about transportation to our Commandant's Department by email to


Complete "Spring Break Return - March 2021" Form in Boardingware

Log into your Boardingware parent account at to complete the Spring Break Return - March 2021 form for your cadet. Use this form to communicate your cadet's test results as well as your travel plans for return to campus.


Having difficulty accessing the form?

Some parents are having difficulty accessing this form in Boardingware because they are missing one important step. When you click on the large plus icon to select "New Form" you then end up on a page like this one:

It may show that there are no forms to submit. This is because you haven't "selected" your cadet. This is the important step that some parents are missing.



Once you click on the circular photo area above your cadet's name, then you will see the forms available for that student.



Once you "select" your cadet, any relevant forms for that cadet become visible and ready for you to complete.



  • Questions about our COVID-19 mitigation protocols may be directed to LTC Steve McCoy by email at
  • Questions about testing requirements and procedures may be directed to our Infirmary by email at
  • Questions about accessing the Boardingware platform for parents may be directed to the Perkins Technology Center by email at
  • Questions about travel plans may be directed to our Commandant's Office by email at



Best regards,

Dan Thompson
Strategic Communications & Marketing
Fork Union Military Academy






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