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New Student Referral Program for 2020-2021

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Fork Union Military Academy today announced a New Student Referral program aimed at increasing applicants for the 2020-2021 school year.

New Applicant Referrals Awards Program

Fork Union Military Academy will immediately begin offering a $50 Referral Award (Visa Gift Card) for a completed Application including payment by credit card.  This Referral Incentive Award will be given to the referring person/group named on the application as a Thank You (even if the boy is not accepted by the Academy). All FUMA Faculty/Staff/Cadets, Parents, Alumni and Friends are eligible for this award. Just ask those that you refer to Fork Union Military Academy to enter your name as their referrer in response to the question shown below:


The Parent/Alumni Scholarship Awards Program

The  Parent1 /Alumni Scholarship Award is now available for any new cadet2 who, is referred to Fork Union Military Academy​ by alumni, current and past parents who applies, is accepted and enrolls as a boarding or day student. Fork Union Military Academy will provide a $1,000 scholarship for cadets enrolling as boarding students and $500 for day students limited to their first year of enrollment.  

This new scholarship will be made in honor of the referring Parent or Alumni.  Fork Union Military Academy​ will notify the family of the newly enrolled cadet of the award and the name of the parent or alumni who facilitated the scholarship award on their son’s behalf.  Additionally, Fork Union Military Academy​ will announce scholarship awards and the referring parent and alumni through its social media outlets and in its published annual report. 


Special Extra Incentive for Parents of Currently Enrolled Cadets

If the family of a currently enrolled cadet refers a new student (day, boarding, middle school, high school or postgraduate student who applies, is accepted, and enrolls) they will also receive a special referral scholarship to be applied toward their son’s tuition account of $1,000 for boarding students and $500 for day and postgraduate students.

1 Includes parents and grandparents of current or former cadets.

2 Does not apply to currently enrolled cadets


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