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MAJ Josh Acree Recognized as Teacher of the Term for Term 5

Thursday, May 20, 2021


MAJ Joshua Acree
MAJ Joshua Acree

Fork Union Military Academy congratulates MAJ Joshua Acree today for being named Teacher of the Term 5 of the 2020-2021 academic year. Cadets submit nominations for the Teacher of the Term at the conclusion of each grading term. The cadet nominations are reviewed and evaluated by the Teacher of the Term/Year Committee, which is comprised of non-academic staff members. After considering cadet nominations, the Committee announces the Teacher of the Term. 

MAJ Acree has been on the faculty of the Academy since the 2015-16 school year, teaching Western Civilization and World Cultures. Acree is a graduate from Liberty University with a degree in Social Services. He has also served in the Navy for 13 years.  

Outside of the classroom, MAJ Acree can be found running PT or fishing at Pruitt Lake with his three young children. 

MAJ Acree received nominations that stated:

 “I am nominating MAJ Acree, because he has a very fair class and makes the class enjoyable to be in. I've never been interested in history until I've been in his class, because he made it more interesting to learn. He gives us a fair amount of homework and classwork each day and enough for us to be prepared for upcoming tests.”

"Overall, to be completely frank, out of every teacher I've had, I've never had one as good as MAJ Acree. The way he instructed was a very advanced and challenging way to engage students. He would work based on a plan/work/debrief basis through lectures, significant portions of writing assignments, and even group activities. He genuinely showed a passion for bonding with students and the material he taught them. Every cadet in his class will probably tell you that he has been one of the best teachers they have ever had. Heck, I don't care what class it is that he is teaching, I will sign up. It wasn't easy at all, but it definitely tapered to how I loved to work: independently.  The only complaint I'll ever give him is that he doesn't teach enough classes that I can sign up for. I learned so much and this teacher was the only one that could push me to my limit in a way where I am not set up for a dreadful failure."

"MAJ Acree is good with his students. He informs them on how to do something and shows how to do it the right way. He also gives the right amount of time for assignments so we don't feel rushed."

Congratulations, MAJ Acree!



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