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Countdown to Check-In Daily Update for July 23, 2020

News Type:  Countdown to Check In
Thursday, July 23, 2020

In today's daily update, I want to step back briefly from discussing our COVID-19 preparations in particular, and discuss a broader topic that remains at the top of the list of concerns for many families considering enrolling at Fork Union Military Academy:

Financial Aid

Introducing LTC Steven McCoy

LTC Steven McCoy is our Deputy Chief of Staff assigned to the President's Office. This year, Steve is taking the reins of our financial aid program...which demonstrates just how important we believe this function is in helping as many families as possible enroll at Fork Union.

Steve has had a long history at Fork Union. He has served as a teacher in the classroom for many years, and has also been active as a coach in sports such as football and track. He knows the school, he knows our cadets, and he is known for building strong relationships with the families who come to Fork Union Military Academy. He has two advanced degrees in education and was recently awarded a Master's Degree in Educational Administration. He was promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff in 2019 and continues to build an outstanding reputation as one who is passionate about the school and committed to our cadets and ensuring they reach their full potential here.

He is the curator and coordinator of Fork Union's Crisis and Emergency Operations Plan and has been Fork Union's primary point of contact with the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, the Virginia Council on Private Education, and the Virginia Department of Health as we have worked to put together our COVID-19 mitigation plans in the past several weeks.

Do you have financial aid questions?

With all of the disruption of the past four months caused by the Coronavirus, it is entirely possible that you have some unanswered questions about financial aid. Maybe you've been delayed in submitting your required documentation. Perhaps you were offered a award amount that no longer meets your needs in these new economic conditions. Whatever has transpired for both you and Fork Union in the past weeks, we want to make sure that Fork Union and your family are moving forward in a close working partnership to meet the needs of your cadet.

We encourage you to reach out to LTC McCoy and raise any questions or concerns you might have about the financial aid process. He can best be reached by email at and he is committed to responding promptly back to you by email or phone.

Email LTC Steven McCoy at:





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