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Bravo Zulu Awards for September 25, 2020

Monday, September 28, 2020

Colonel David Coggins, President of FUMA, announced this past week that he is starting a new tradition at Fork Union this week:  The Bravo Zulu Awards.

In the US Navy, ships use signal flags to send messages, and the flags representing the letters "B" and "Z," when used together, send the message "Bravo Zulu" which means "Well done!"

This week, we are pleased to recognize the following persons with the Bravo Zulu Award for their outstanding performance:

  • Cadet Kirko Kirkov, Alpha Company
  • Cadet Christopher Merlo, Bravo Company
  • Cadet Thanh-Thien Pham, Charlie Company
  • Cadet Wesley Lay, Retan Rifles
  • Cadet Max Miller, Delta Company
  • Kelsey Hill, Faculty
  • Heidi Yates, Staff

Congratulations to these individuals and well done! Bravo Zulu!


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