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Bravo Zulu Awards for October 8, 2021

Friday, October 8, 2021

Every Friday the Fork Union Military Faculty and Staff meet to nominate a few who have exceeded the standards and demonstrated superlative performance. Whilst we have various awards and recognitions - a simple "Well Done!" we hope, is also appreciated. The combination of the Bravo and Zulu nautical signal flags, i.e., Bravo Zulu, also referred to as "BZ," is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flag hoist or voice radio, meaning "Well Done" with regard to actions, operations or performance.

The following are the Bravo Zulu awards for this week:

Cadet Staff Sergeant Sebastian Antoine-Pompey is senior and a first-year cadet in Alpha Company. He is a boarding student from Mitchellville, Maryland, and has been an outstanding cadet since his first day here at Fork Union Military Academy. Cadet Antoine-Pompey is being sought after by several of the TAC Officers for a promotion into a leadership role soon. He continues to set the example, uphold the very high standards placed upon him, and outperform other platoons within Alpha Company during their weekly competitions. Cadet Antoine-Pompey continues to not only have the fewest room infractions within his company, but he has also passed every PAI with 0 infractions. Bravo Zulu, Cadet Antoine-Pompey.

Cadet Sergeant Kieran Meyer is a senior and a second-year cadet in Bravo Company. He is a boarding student from Yonkers, New York, and the starting quarterback on the varsity prep team. Cadet Meyer is a great team player and has exceptional leadership skills, constantly striving to develop others to become better. He is a mentor to the junior prep quarterback, helping him grow as a cadet as well as a player. Cadet Meyer always has an extremely positive attitude no matter what the task or situation is and truly embraces Fork Union’s leadership trait, “enthusiasm”. He also balances academics and sports extremely well, maintaining a high GPA. Bravo Zulu, Cadet Meyer!

Cadet Second Lieutenant Jacob Clodfelter is a sophomore and a second-year cadet in Charlie Company. He is a boarding student from Mickleton, New Jersey, and began the year as a Platoon Leader in Charlie Company. Recently, the Battalion Staff was preparing the New Cadet Training Program for Term 2 incoming students. Cadet Clodfelter volunteered to take on the Master Trainer position, overseeing the entire process of instructing new students. He recognized the importance of building a team by ensuring they began with a solid foundation. Cadet Clodfelter and his training team have put the plan into action with incredible results, ensuring that all new students are able to master each event within their training schedule. The trainees are near completion of their training cycle and it is evident that these new FUMA men have been prepared for success and will integrate flawlessly into their permanent assigned companies. Bravo Zulu, Cadet Clodfelter!

Cadet Captain Grant DeMorro is a junior and fifth-year cadet in Headquarters and Service Company. He is a day student from Fork Union, Virginia, and has spent the last 8 weeks preparing to perform the rifle drill routines of Constantine Wilson, an alumni famous for his rifle drill teams. On Friday of this past week, at the home football game, Cadet DeMorro performed this extremely complex routine during halftime for all the families, faculty, alumni, and cadets present. The alumni present were ecstatic when they saw him able to perform such a complicated drill routine. He performed flawlessly and showed what is possible with enough practice and dedication. Cadet DeMorro is proudly carrying on the legacy of Retan Rifles. Bravo Zulu, Cadet DeMorro!

ETN1 John Warren, Band Director, has done a wonderful job working with both Band and Retan Rifles this year. His hard work was on display last Friday where both Band and Retan delivered a wonderful national anthem performance prior to the prep football game. Additionally, ETN1 Warren began teaching 7th grade band class this week and has done a wonderful job teaching our youngest cadets how to play instruments for the first time. Bravo Zulu, ETN1 Warren!

SAGE Dining Services has provided wonderful meals this year. The meals are healthy, hearty, and served with pride and a smile. The team is much appreciated by the cadets, faculty, staff, and the parents. Well done. Bravo Zulu, SAGE Dining Services!  


Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy









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