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Bravo Zulu Awards for October 30, 2020

Friday, October 30, 2020

Every Friday the Fork Union Military Faculty and Staff meet to nominate a few who have exceeded the standards and demonstrated superlative performance. Whilst we have various awards and recognitions - a simple "Well Done!" we hope, is also appreciated. The combination of the Bravo and Zulu nautical signal flags, i.e., Bravo Zulu, also referred to as "BZ," is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flag hoist or voice radio, meaning "Well Done" with regard to actions, operations or performance.

The following are the Bravo Zulu awards for 30 October 2020:

Mr. Warren Whitworth, our Director of Maintenance, whose hard work and dedication to the school is evident every day.  Just this week he has had to deal with a full schedule of planned projects as well as respond quickly to some flooding from Tropical Storm Zeta that he handled professionally and safely.  We thank him for always being there to answer the call.  Bravo Zulu, Warren Whitworth!

LTC Brian Bodine, a long-time faculty member at FUMA, has served in various capacities during his time at FUMA and always remains steadfast in his dedication to the cadets no matter his role.  Currently, he is serving as the Math Department Head, the NCAA Compliance representative, and as a scheduling advisor.  Coach Bodine does a wonderful job ensuring that our athletes remain on track academically as it relates to NCAA core credit requirements and time lines.  His professionalism in mentoring future NCAA athletes is especially important as things regarding COVID are changing so many of the rules regarding sports and the challenging the recruiting process. Well done and Bravo Zulu, Brian Bodine!

Cadet Private Mark McKenzie, from Alexandria, VA is a first year cadet in Alpha Company. Cadet McKenzie had a great showing this week at basketball tryouts and made the varsity team because of all his hard work and determination.   He currently has an A in AP Government and a 3.5 overall GPA.  Bravo Zulu Cadet McKenzie!
Cadet Private Hector Hernandez is a member of Bravo Company and on his third year at Fork Union Military Academy. Cadet Hernandez is a Day Student from Palmyra, Virginia and is a swimmer on the FUMA Swim Team.  He is an avid chess player, where he won the tournament on Saturday, 24 October 2020 (this is his second straight year winning the chess tournament).  Checkmate! Bravo Zulu Cadet Hernandez!

Cadet Staff Sergeant Travis Shepard is from Pennsylvania and a Squad Leader with Charlie Company. He has continuously demonstrated an outstanding attitude and has emulated our Academy’s Core Values.  This week he dropped two seconds off his mile time, where he is ranked fourth in the Nation, running a 4 minute and 58 second mile.  Additionally, Cadet Shepard has a 4.4 GPA and is nominated as Charlie Company’s Cadet of the Term.  Bravo Zulu Cadet Shepard!

Cadet Private Konstantin Spörk, from Cologne, Germany is a member of Delta Company.  Cadet Konstantin did an outstanding job this week filling in for an injured player.  He not only took on his own reps, but the reps of the injured player.  He is a team captain of the PG Football team and leads by example.  He made the honor roll because of his 4.0 GPA in Maj. Burger's Statistics class.  Bravo Zulu Cadet Spörk!

Cadet First Lieutenant Abdulrahman AlBunnia, from Amman, Jordan is the Activities and Athletics Officer in Battalion Staff.  Cadet AlBunnia through his hard work and dedication provides things for the Cadets to do on weekends that help them relax and enjoy being here and that’s especially important because most have not left the Academy in 90 days since their arrival on campus due to COVID.  He also helped raise funds for World Polio Day to supply vaccines to those in need.  His hard work and significant contribution to both our Cadets at the Academy and global community is appreciated, respected and honored.  Well done. Bravo Zulu Cadet AlBunnia!

We are proud of our Cadets, Faculty and Staff for all they do. This was another great week at FUMA.  We have no COVID-19 cases amongst our Cadets, Faculty, Staff or supporting personnel on campus and our Cadets are showing great resilience. A Bravo Zulu to the Fork Union Military Academy community, which includes all of us, Alumni, Board of Trustees, Alumni Board, Parents, Donors, Friends and retired faculty/staff for your prayers and support. We go forward together... In God We Trust!  Go FUMA!


DL Coggins
Fork Union Military Academy






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