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Bravo Zulu Awards for November 13, 2020

Friday, November 13, 2020

Every Friday the Fork Union Military Faculty and Staff meet to nominate a few who have exceeded the standards and demonstrated superlative performance. Whilst we have various awards and recognitions - a simple "Well Done!" we hope, is also appreciated. The combination of the Bravo and Zulu nautical signal flags, i.e., Bravo Zulu, also referred to as "BZ," is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flag hoist or voice radio, meaning "Well Done" with regard to actions, operations or performance.

The following are the Bravo Zulu awards for 13 November 2020:

Ms. Rhonda White, our College Counseling & Scheduling Coordinator, works hard behind the scenes many weekends, including this past weekend, to ensure our cadets have the opportunity to take the ACT and SAT tests in a safe environment.  Bravo Zulu, Ms. White!

Cadet Sergeant First Class Lucas Yates is a member of Alpha Company.  He is a third year cadet from Goochland, Virginia.  Cadet Yates has been personally selected to represent Fork Union Military Academy in the annual American Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS) Physical Training (PT) Challenge.  Only five upper school cadets were selected to represent FUMA for this competition, as they are the top 1 percent of the school.  Bravo Zulu, Cadet Yates!

Cadet First Sergeant Michael Luce is the Company First Sergeant for Bravo Company.  He is a third year cadet from Woodford, Virginia.  Cadet Luce was selected to represent Bravo Company in the Cadet Leader of the Term for Term 2.  The Cadet Leader of the Term Board is a panel of Senior Cadet Leaders on Battalion Staff and members of the Commandant’s Department.  Cadets are questioned on the history of Fork Union and current events.  Bravo Zulu, Cadet Luce!

Cadet Sergeant First Class Michael Marandure is a Platoon Sergeant in Charlie Company.  He is a third year cadet from Gainesville, Virginia.  Marandure plays football, runs indoor track, and works tirelessly to improve his platoon and keep discipline among his peers.  Specifically, he significantly improved his platoon’s overall room cleanliness, having the best floor in Charlie Company.  He continuously has a friendly, cheerful attitude and inspires others with his commitment to hard-work and friendship.  Bravo Zulu, Cadet Marandure!

Cadet Private Nate Panza is a member of the Postgraduate Football Team in Delta Company.  He was recognized this week by the PG Head Football Coach, Frank Arritt, for his dedication to improving his teammates.  "He continuously goes above and beyond to improve everyone around him," said Coach Arritt. "He mentors his peers and is the 'go to guy' when they need assistance. Nate Panza has been a model cadet here at Fork Union Military Academy. He has gone well beyond grasping our motto of 'Body, Mind, Spirit.' He has been a leader in the classroom and on the field and has also been a leader spiritually for a number of his teammates. It was a benefit to Fork Union Military Academy to have him as one of our cadets," said Coach Arritt.  Bravo Zulu, Cadet Panza!

Cadet Tyler Hill is from Weston, MA and a member of Charlie Company.  Cadet Hill delivered an outstanding performance on violin during our Veterans Day service this week.  Both his playing and his self-confidence were tremendous to witness.  Bravo Zulu, Cadet Hill!

We are proud of our Cadets, Faculty and Staff for all they do. This was another great week at FUMA.  We have no COVID-19 cases amongst our Cadets, Faculty, Staff or supporting personnel on campus and our Cadets are showing great resilience. A Bravo Zulu to the Fork Union Military Academy community, which includes all of us, Alumni, Board of Trustees, Alumni Board, Parents, Donors, Friends and retired faculty/staff for your prayers and support. We go forward together... In God We Trust!  Go FUMA!


DL Coggins
Fork Union Military Academy






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