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Bravo Zulu Awards for April 2, 2021

Friday, April 2, 2021

Every Friday the Fork Union Military Faculty and Staff meet to nominate a few who have exceeded the standards and demonstrated superlative performance. Whilst we have various awards and recognitions - a simple "Well Done!" we hope, is also appreciated. The combination of the Bravo and Zulu nautical signal flags, i.e., Bravo Zulu, also referred to as "BZ," is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flag hoist or voice radio, meaning "Well Done" with regard to actions, operations or performance.

The following are the Bravo Zulu awards for this week:

Cadet Captain Robel Lulseged is a fifth-year cadet in Alpha Company.  Cadet Lulseged is a boarding student from Alexandria, Virginia.  He is also the Company Commander in charge of 73 cadets.  In this role, he is responsible for all company level activities, ensuring the company accomplishes the mission and enforces the standards set by FUMA.  Cadet Lulseged is a servant leader, leading by example in everything he does.  The past two weeks he has committed extra time to the Phonathon, the Academy’s annual fundraising event, used to support scholarships, school programs, up-keep, athletics, and more.  Cadet Lulseged is a member of the cross country, prep basketball and outdoor track teams.  He also has highest honors in Ms. Hackenberg’s Honors English 3 class, is ranked top in his junior class, and is having a great year as the Company Commander.  Bravo Zulu, c/CPT Robel Lulseged!

Cadet Second Lieutenant Eric Jones is a second-year cadet in Bravo Company.  Cadet Jones is a boarding student from South Riding, Virginia.  He is the Platoon Leader for third floor Bravo Company and manages his duties and responsibilities while also participating in lacrosse and wrestling.  He is a dedicated leader and plays a large role in the success of third platoon. Cadet Jones stands out as the best Platoon Leader as he has produced one of the best platoons in Bravo Company.  Bravo Zulu, c/2LT Eric Jones!

Cadet Private Ellis Roberts is a first-year cadet in Charlie Company.  He is currently a boarding student from Highland, Maryland.  Cadet Roberts is noticed for his determination to excel at the Academy.  He has strived to obtain high marks, joined the Middle School football and basketball teams, and greatly improved his cadet responsibilities.  Since his return from spring break, he has sought to assist others and volunteers when needed to help cadets in his company. Cadet Roberts is also very valuable to the Athletic Department, volunteering to help with almost every home event on campus.  Bravo Zulu, c/PVT Ellis Roberts!

Ms. Sylvia Johnson: After 40 years of service to the Academy, Ms. Sylvia Johnson will teach her final course today.  The positive impact Ms. Johnson has had on the Academy and our cadets over the last four decades cannot be gainsaid.  While she will be dearly missed in the classroom, she will be forever a part of the FUMA family.  Bravo Zulu, Ms. Sylvia Johnson!


Colonel David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret.)
Fork Union Military Academy









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