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Leave, Transportation, and Day Pass Information for Parents


Please note: This Information and The Blue Book, referenced, are subject to change throughout the course of the year without notice. If you have any questions relating to its contents you may contact the Commandant’s Department.


Cadets performing satisfactorily in the classroom and having no “conduct” restrictions, athletic, club or Band commitments are eligible for weekend leaves. The Academic Calendar, available on the website, shows leave dates and times to depart and return. Please adhere to the rules and regulations in The Blue Book, also available on our website, regarding leave and travel.


Please use the Orah Parent Portal for all leave slips and day pass requests. Click here for the Orah Parent Portal.

Cadets are given leave slips on Friday, a week or more before leave. Please communicate with your cadet during his free time regarding leave. Leave slips are turned into Company First Sergeants on Sunday, to Company TAC Officer on Monday morning and to the Leave Office by noon on Monday. Incomplete or incorrect forms will be returned to cadets Monday and must be turned back into the Leave Office on Tuesday prior to leave. Cadets may be called to the Leave Office to answer questions or make corrections. Invitations are required for all cadets for weekend leave or Day Pass with anyone other than those listed as approved by parents by Wednesday prior to leave. Permission is required for all cadets for weekend leave or Day Pass with anyone other than those listed as approved by parents by Wednesday prior to leave. Approved leave slips will be returned to cadet Wednesday after class. Cadets with penalty tours will not be approved for leave until tours are completed. Cadets will be made aware of transportation arrangements no later than Thursday. Every cadet leaving campus must have an approved leave slip or Day Pass form. Leave date and time is recorded as well as the return date and time on each leave slip. Failure to follow these rules and regulations will result in appropriate punishments according to The Blue Book.


Cadets must sign-out of their respective company with the adult approved on their leave slip. Cadets are aware they face serious punitive consequences for departing or returning with a person not specifically authorized to take them off campus.


Departure: Friday, upon completion of academic obligations. (Classes typically end at 1400 or 2:00 pm)

Return: Will be no later than 1900 or 7:00 pm the evening before the next class day. (i.e., if Monday is a class day, then leave ends at 7:00 pm on Sunday).

Please call the Guard Desk 434.842.4232 if returning late from leave. A cadet returning late from leave, regardless of the reason, may be assessed an appropriate number of demerits and/or tours and may forfeit his next leave privilege(s).


Cadets may not leave campus with anyone under the age of 21. If traveling by FUMA transportation cadets will turn-in leave form to the adult monitoring bus boarding.

Unless specifically requested by the cadet's parents not to allow carpooling, the Academy will approve transportation provided by the parent or guardian of another cadet if a cadet has open leave.

Fork Union will schedule a shuttle to and from the Richmond area for each leave weekend as needed. Private hire drivers may be available to other locations. Charter bus service is available for Thanksgiving/Christmas and Spring leaves. The Major Leave Bus Schedule and fees are available on our web site. Cadets traveling as “unaccompanied minors” must be escorted to and from the gate of their public transportation. The determination is made by the public transportation carrier and is based on age. If your cadet is under the age limit, please contact Amy Reese in the Commandant's Office for information and arrangements for transportation and escort.


Cadets may not have automobiles or motorcycles at the Academy or in the Fork Union area. A cadet is permitted to drive an automobile in the Fork Union area if his parent or guardian is in the vehicle with him or if he is a Day Student. Cadets are prohibited from entering vehicles not driven by their own parents or by an adult authorized by the Academy to provide transportation. Day students are authorized to drive to their assigned parking area where the vehicle remains until the end of the class day. Day students will turn their vehicle keys into the Commandant’s Department prior to first formation; their vehicle keys will be returned when they are approved to depart campus.


Eligibility for Day Pass, rules, regulations and sign out procedures are the same as weekend leave. Day Pass times are available in The Blue Book on our website


Cadet officers and higher non-commissioned officers are not automatically excused from their company or battalion responsibilities for leaves. The Leadership must coordinate leave plans with their TAC Officer to ensure that all responsibilities are fulfilled.

Cadets participating on athletic teams, clubs or performing groups are not compensated for leaves missed or delayed because of team games, trips, or related events. Cadets may depart after their scheduled event if approved.


Any request for a cadet to depart campus for medical reasons is cleared by the Academy Infirmary. All routine dental and medical leaves (including medication management) should be planned for scheduled leaves only. Permission is not granted for routine appointments. Please contact the Academy Infirmary to discuss scheduling of medical, dental (emergency), or orthodontic appointments.


Major Leaves are Thanksgiving/Christmas and Spring Break and are mandatory. Adult supervision is not available on campus during that time. Leave departure will not start prior to 12:00 pm. All Cadets must be off campus by 6:00 pm for all major leaves, extenuating circumstances will be reviewed and approved by the Commandant. Leave returns are not authorized prior to 9:00 am on the leave end date because the Jacobson Hall is not operational until that time.

Cadets that are taking international flights are authorized to depart the day prior to the end of the term for major leave breaks, if approved by the Commandant’s Department and Academic Dean. Cadets that are requesting to depart early for international flights must not depart prior to taking term finals; prior coordination must be made with the Cadets instructor. Early departure requests must be submitted 2 weeks in advance to the Commandant’s Department so that transportation requests can be submitted and approved.


Emergency Leave is defined as: absence from the Academy due to severe illness or death of a member of the cadet’s immediate family. A member of the immediate family is defined as the parent, grandparent, brother or sister of a cadet. In the event of death, please send the following information to the Commandant’s Office: name of deceased, relationship, hospital and/or funeral home name and location, and date of interment.


Seniors are authorized two college visits. College visits are initiated at the Guidance Department and must be approved by the Academic Dean and teacher. Cadets are authorized to miss one day of class per visit in conjunction with a weekend. For example, a student may depart campus on Thursday after class and return on Sunday or depart on Friday after class and return prior to class on Tuesday morning. Juniors are authorized one college “open house” visit which is approved through the Guidance Department. Additional college leave requests for academics or athletics require the Academic Dean, teacher and if applicable coach approval.


Missing class is not allowed without permission from the Academic Dean and the Teacher. Unapproved absence may result in demerits and penalty tours.


Missing Drill and/or other military functions is not allowed without permission from the Deputy Commandant or Commandant. Unapproved absence will result in demerits and penalty tours.


If a cadet takes a leave when he is not eligible his next regular weekend leave is forfeited, and he will receive demerits and or penalty tours. CQ violations may also result in loss of leave as will leave or Day Pass violations.

A cadet will be notified by Wednesday of each leave weekend if their leave request was approved or denied. Cadets will be informed on why their request was denied. Cadets receiving penalty tours after that week’s leave has been approved will waive their tours until they return.


Please contact William York at 434.842.4233, or e-mail, for any questions or concerns about leave, travel, or day passes.