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Honors Spanish IV

Honors Spanish IV is the fourth level of a Spanish language program which teaches comprehension of the Spanish language through practice in reading literary selections and a complete review of Spanish grammar, with some additional fine points added. The course also seeks to develop, through these readings, the students’ understanding of the social and political history of the Spanish speaking peoples by addressing certain key themes evident in their history and culture.

Vocabulary and grammar are presented in conjunction with culture so as to heighten the student's appreciation of the foreign culture and to provide insight into the daily aspects of Hispanic life. There is a significant emphasis on the analysis of English words derived from Latin, and common to English and Spanish, to develop the students’ ability to analyze and interpret unfamiliar words, with a particular goal of strengthening vocabulary skills tested on the SAT/ACT. The College Level Evaluation Program (CLEP) is offered at the end of the course for college credit based on level of achievement.