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Honors Spanish II

Honors Spanish II is a second level course offered to cadets who not only have satisfactorily completed the Spanish I course with at least a B average (90 or above on a scale of 100), but who also have been recommended for the Spanish Honors program by their Spanish I teachers. The Honors Spanish II course consists of a sweeping, general review of Spanish I with an emphasis on correct conjugation of verbs, proper sentence construction, vocabulary building, translation, and correct pronunciation of words/phrases/sentences. Readings and exercises are designed to promote the simultaneous development of all four language skills. Vocabulary and grammar are presented in a cultural context so as to heighten students’ appreciation of foreign culture and to provide insight into the daily aspects of life in selected Spanish-speaking countries. In comparison to the standard Spanish II course, six units (the entire book) are covered instead of only four. Additionally, nightly homework assignments are more complex and lengthy. Finally, the requirements for the final presentation project are significantly more challenging than those for the standard Spanish II course.