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Honors English III

Honors English III is a course for advanced third year English students. Most students selected for this course will have completed Honors English II (or the equivalent), and all will have demonstrated the requisite abilities and background to perform at a high academic level. Normally these students will proceed to Advanced Placement English the following year. All students entering this course should be committed to working at a high academic level. This would involve a large volume of interpretive reading and writing based on recognized classics of (principally) English and American literature.

The course consists primarily of a chronological survey of English and American literature with an emphasis on poetry. Daily writing assignments on these works will be supplemented with lectures and cumulative tests at designated points as well as reports on five parallel reading assignments and a research paper on a selected author. While the main emphasis of this course is literature, fundamental principles of grammar and composition will be interfaced as an integral part of all written assignments.