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Planned Giving

Create a Family Tradition of Giving and recognize the Academy and the impact Fork Union has had on your life. You can join the growing number of Alumni, Family, and Friends who invest in Fork Union's future by including the Academy as a beneficiary of their wills, charitable trust, and retirement plans. Gifts like this can offer you and your family members significant tax benefits as well as greater financial flexibility in meeting your personal and philanthropic goals. 

Planned gifts are not a “one size fits all” proposition. They are as unique as each cadet at the academy. Below are just a few examples of the variety of planned gifts:

Wills or Trusts

This is one of the most popular ways for making long-range gifts to the Academy. Some of the most commonly used methods of giving through a will include:

  • Stating a fixed dollar amount
  • Giving a specific property
  • Giving a percentage of the assets passing under one's will
  • Providing a gift to an institution from what is left over after providing to loved ones
Life Insurance

This is a great way to give to the Academy by naming FUMA as a beneficiary of a policy or assigning annual dividends to the school. Other ways include obtaining a new policy for the organization or donating a paid-up policy and designating FUMA as the beneficiary.

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT)

This is a way for individuals to make a meaningful gift to FUMA and provide for their own future financial well-being. A donor places cash or certain assets into a trust and the Academy will benefit from this trust after the donor's death. This irrevocable trust is designed to convert an investor's highly appreciated assets into a lifetime income stream without generating estate and capital gains taxes. CRT's have become very popular in recent years because they not only represent a valuable tax-advantaged investment, but also enable you to provide a gift to the Academy.

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